Red Dead Redemption 2 Is so Popular on GameFly That the Rental Service Can't Ship It on Day One

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be out in the wild in less than two weeks and GameFly won't even be able to send out discs on time due to its popularity.

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Snookies1288d ago

There's no way I'd even rent this game anyway. It would take so much time to go through everything. Maybe if you had one game out, and just kept it for the entirety of the month. Still, might as well buy the game at that point. The developers definitely deserve the money for all the hard work that went into this game.

Skull52188d ago

Doesn't even make sense to me, why does the demand of the game keep you from shipping the game out? Just going to hold on to all of those discs until demand goes down, is that the strategy?

ArchangelMike88d ago

You should probably read the article, it explains the situation very well actually.

Skull52188d ago

Fortunately we live in the digital age which means an infinite amount of copies of the game is available to be played on day 1! Another victory for digital over physical.

mkis00787d ago (Edited 87d ago )


You do understand gamefly cant use digital copies for rent right?

I guess you could say if everyone else bought digital it could have helped gamefly, but people seem to sant this baby physical.

Note : I bought a physical xbox copy and digital ps4 copy

MasterCornholio87d ago

You can’t rent digital copies of the game when it comes out.

You know that GameFly is a rental service right?

Dragonscale87d ago

@skull, yeah digital is so great yet everyone wants it on disk. Don't understand why you're so desperate to end physical games when you can buy them digital regardless and having the choice to buy physical doesn't affect you whatsoever. Just makes you sound entitled tbh and doesn't make sense unless you're a shill or something.

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ArchangelMike88d ago

My thoughts exactly. I only used to rent game that I could finish in a weekend, or that I was unsure of. With this game though, you want to be able to take your sweet time with it and not rush it. It's definitely a keeper for me.

Sircolby4587d ago

A lot of them are probably planning on using Gamefly's "keep it" feature or whatever they call it where you can purchase the game at a discount after you rent it.

littletad88d ago

Man, I had no idea gamefly was still around.

CasparOY88d ago

My first thought reading the title "another GameFly ad?"

PhantomS4287d ago

My first thought was "gamefly is still a thing?"

michaelknight3587d ago

Well i wont have that problem cause i brought mines digital for xbox one x

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