Rumor: WB Montreal Working On Two Open World DC Universe Games

So earlier this year, we came across some job listings over at WB Montreal, suggesting that the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins was returning to those stomping grounds with the Dark Knight for a new game. But now, it appears that we could be getting much more than that. Possibly two DC-licensed open-world games.

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Sonyslave396d ago

O.o yes I hope one is a green latern game.

TheEnigma31395d ago

A green Arrow game could really work. Whoever made Superman 64 and Aquaman on GC should be shut down for good.

gangsta_red95d ago

Exactly, don't need a Green Arrow, need a Green Lantern

Araragifeels 95d ago

I want a Batman Beyond game.

P_Bomb95d ago

I’ll buy the one that’s not Batman.

BlackTar18795d ago

I hope it's a league of shadows game. How awesome would it be to ninja around everywhere?

I know it's not btw

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The story is too old to be commented.