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From the moment of announcement, the idea of Dark Souls on Switch has been perplexing; would the controls carry over in this format?

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wonderfulmonkeyman95d ago

Not the best review, honestly.
It gives too low a score for issues too minor to justify said score.

PhantomS4295d ago

Yeah but there has always got to be one of those edgelords that will review bad for the clicks

Pricey95d ago

I agree the score is harsh but poor controls are not great for the experience

wonderfulmonkeyman94d ago

The author exaggerates the control issues.
In fact, the only real issue is that you can't swap dodge and interact, which leads to a few accidents until you've gotten used to it.
It doesn't justify a 5.

SuperSonic9194d ago

Reason why not interested on Nintendo hardware. Its just over priced fisher price man toys

King_Noctis94d ago


Seriously, just don’t comment on Nintendo article at all. You bring nothing useful, not even a tiny bit, to the discussion when it comes to the Switch.

chris23595d ago

this grade sounds legit for a switch release

DrStronk95d ago

Wouldn't even be legit for a ps2 release.

quent95d ago

As legit as you're comments on anything switch related

Fraggle198795d ago

The thing is it's an inferior version to the current gen remasters so it should be docked points. Also ds hasn't aged very well.

Neonridr95d ago

a 5 though? To me that would indicate the game is somewhat broken.

wonderfulmonkeyman94d ago

Exactly, and it is far from Broken.
If anything, it's more mechanically sound than people expected, given that Blighttown actually runs smoothly when people expected it to be a shitshow of slow down.

94d ago
Neonridr93d ago

@Prettygoodgamer - a 5 would mean that the game is really, really bad. Sure the FPS is only 30 and the visuals took a hit, but this version is still an improvement over the original. And what did that score? So how is this somehow less now?

wonderfulmonkeyman94d ago

The graphics [and arguably the remasters looked worse due to the changes in lighting etc] and compressed audio aside, this port isn't inferior enough to justify this score.

Pricey95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

The score may be harsh but it raises legitimate concerns on the controls. Other reviewers laud the fact it can be played on the go, IGN score it higher than the other home consoles presumably because of this feature (Since it's clearly not about the presentation). The controls on the switch are not great, and no one will convince me they are (I suffer from cramp in my hand playing bayonetta ;-)); and that's just a symptom of its form factor. Play this with a pro controller is my advice.

Neonridr95d ago

or even use the included shell if you don't like using the joycons on the sides of the screen. Since those options are there, how can you dock points for an optional control scheme?

Pricey95d ago

Unfortunately the clam doesn’t improve things much for me. I can’t speak for others though.

Neonridr94d ago

@Pricey - fair enough, to each their own I guess.

wonderfulmonkeyman94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Personal comfort is something that should not be taken as a reason to give a mechanically sound game such a low score, though.
It doesn't reflect how good the game is; it just reflects a personal bias.
One that can be solved with various options.
Not everyone suffers from the strain issues, and those that do usually choose to get a pro controller.
A 6.5 would have been a more justifiable score for this sort of issue, but he didn't even go that far.

Bobafret95d ago

Next up: Dark Souls Remastered Ultra Complete Mobile Remix.

Sirk7x94d ago

This isn't Square Enix lol.

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