Activision's Announcement of a $500 Million Launch For Black Ops 4 Doesn't Tell the Whole Story

Author writes "Activision's press release certainly paints a picture of a publisher exceptionally pleased with the performance of its latest game. But I’m not so sure the figures they’re actually speaking to tell the whole story."

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PoopsMcGee95d ago

Well, stocks are falling so this very well could be true.

It definitely got the headlines Activision intended tho...

UltraNova95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

The cherry on top would be if they announced that the SP campaign will be available as paid DLC a couple months down the line as a "choice" for their customers!

Boy do I hope I'll be proven wrong here...

FTLmaster95d ago

Really interesting article. Wonder if Activision’ll leave behind single-player going forward?

Father__Merrin95d ago

I think it will hurt the game imo if they leave out single player. What they could do is offer free dlc for the various operators with mini missions etc

Relientk7795d ago

According to rumors next year will have single player and it's Modern Warfare 4.

spicelicka94d ago

I don't think it's just the fact that single-player was left out. They so blatantly recycled the last black ops and added blackout mode to make it look like a full package. Yea it's fun, no thanks to COD4, they're just piggybacking off the formula with minimal effort.

Can't believe people gobble this up. You're free to buy it and enjoy it but don't act like you didn't settle for less. Battelfield 5 is doing is doing a BR mode WITH a full campaign and cutting edge graphics/destruction tech.

For $70 I would've expected a better damn engine and graphics, even last year's COD looks better than this. If they really wanted to show some effort they could've made a blackout mode mixed with zombies, something to distinguish the game. Sorry people, the game maybe a lot of fun, but if you actually think it's worth the price you don't have an imagination.

letsa_go95d ago

I agree with everything except the last paragraph. Didn't they still have 3 years of development on this game? I thought they scraped what they had and started over. I'd imagine the development costs were still the same for this game. They will probably be cheaper going forward though if they leave the single player out from now on.

Smitty202095d ago

Main reason I didn’t buy the game is because I like the Campaign n wasn’t included

Jinger95d ago

Did you like the BLOPS3 campaign? Cause that was straight garbage.

Gahl1k94d ago

I did. No matter how garbage CoD campaigns become, I will still play them, but that's just me.

Smitty202094d ago

So because u didn’t like it that means I didn’t like it?

Jinger94d ago

Did not suggest that at all, hence why I asked you if you liked it and then gave my opinion of it. If you liked it then that's fine, but personally I thought it was a mess.

Smitty202094d ago

Yea I didn’t think it was the best out of the series but didn’t diss like it

ChickenMan3495d ago

COD has been dying for years and a 604 game with no solo campaign and literally the same wall jumping sliding multiplayer is not enough to warrant 6- bucks not to mention BR is a complete rip off and the graphics are so shit it it has to look like a ps3 game just to run properly> Activision cares about nothing but money if they wanted their fan base back they would have made a solo campaign and given BR for free to win back fans but that would require them to care about the fan base over making as much money as possible

MaximusTKG94d ago


Wow, you have clearly not played this game. Wall Jumping? And as far as the BR being a rip off, everything at one point is a ripoff of something else. Call of Duty itself was a ripoff of Medal of Honor, but no one complained then. And go out there a find me a more cohesive and smooth BR experience. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Jinger94d ago

Lol there is no wall jumping or running or jetpacks or anything. Perhaps look into the game before blindly attacking it.

Critic4l_Strik394d ago

Wall jumping? Maybe you are thinking of Titanfall 2? It is 60 bucks for a game with MP + BR + Zombie mode. Its not like you are paying for them separately. You could wait for a price drop if its too much. BO4 BR mode is way more polished than PUBG. Better graphics and runs way smoother. You get more out of the BR mode than the SP campaign btw.

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