Battlefield V's War Stories Show An Unseen Side Of World War II (TSA)

TSA writes: "World War 2 is a setting that has been done almost endlessly in video games. It feels like we’ve seen D-Day landings a dozen times over the past few decades, the Battle of the Bulge has featured several times, the desperate, deadly defence of Stalingrad, the fall of the Reichstag. They’re key touchstones regardless of the medium, but they also dilute just how global this war was and how many countries and people were caught up in its clutches."

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D3athc3ll92d ago

Still ain't buying your sjw shit EA. Not just that but the stupid scopes for the ww2 weapons etc. Fuck you and fuck off and when you come back after you've fucked off a lot, just fuck off again. thanks! That first reveal trailer was the death of Dice and EA to me forever. Dumb idiots...

Activemessiah92d ago

Unseen side... The bit where it never happened? Cool