GameZone Interview: Producing a Legend: Q&A With Legendary's John Garcia-Shelton

GameZone writes: "'We've designed our multiplayer around one of the most unique aspects of Legendary, which is the three way battle that happens between the monsters, the Black Order, and you.'

There will be several battles fought this year, but only one of them will be Legendary. Legendary's world is turned upside down after Charles Deckard, a talented art thief, is duped into stealing and opening Pandora's Box. "To Deckard, his mission is to simply sneak into the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and use the key he's been given to open up a box that they have in storage," said John Garcia-Shelton, Producer of Legendary. "Seemingly, it's just another job. He has no idea that what he's opening is Pandora's Box, nor what will happen when he does open it.

"On the flip side, those that hired him (a group known as the Black Order) don't know exactly what will happen either, but they do expect Deckard to die when it's opened. Obviously, this doesn't happen, and it's the signet that's branded on Deckard's hand when he opens the box that becomes a key plot point."

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