Nintendo Has Stumbled With Switch Online, But It Can Learn From Its Mistakes

"Converting from being a pure console and game development company to one that runs an online service is generally a difficult transition to make," says Brian Johnson, CEO and Co-founder of DivvyCloud, a company which delivers comprehensive policy-driven security, compliance and governance for cloud infrastructure. "Being an online services platform is critical to the success of any console. Not only is it important because of the user experience, but it also changes the business’ revenue model. Moving to a recurring revenue model will provide Nintendo with the ongoing revenue it will need to continue to upgrade the Nintendo Switch."

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FallenAngel198491d ago

It’s 2018 and Switch stil lacks a messaging system among various other things.

It’s not even a matter of competing with other subscriptions services on other consoles, Nintendo has taken steps back from previous systems that had free online

Nintendo’s ability to learn in the online arena is extremely slow. They even feel emboldened by some of their backwards thinking like how voice chat is done on the NS

TekoIie90d ago

And they locked multiplayer behind it. Y'know, the thing that actually matters.

2pacalypsenow91d ago

It's been 15 years.

Nintendo is never gonna learn.

Neonridr91d ago

Of course it can.. nothing is locked in stone or anything. They can always add more features and hopefully correct other mistakes (voice chat for example).

Blu3_Berry90d ago

It takes Nintendo at least 5 years to learn from their mistakes.

masterfox90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

haha Nintendo learning ? , lol good one. XD

At this point Nintendo feels like a Konami style of company , full of arrogance.

King_Noctis90d ago

Why am I not surprised to see you here?

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