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Right from the offset, El Presidente promises that Tropico 6 will build bridges instead of walls. And after spending some time with the game's beta earlier this month, this really couldn’t be more true.

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Smokehouse92d ago

Bridges to leave the socialist dictatorship, how nice. Seriously though, it looks fun.

annoyedgamer92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

I wonder if that means that El Presidente isn't a dictator anymore. That changes the dynamic of the game. Not saying they can't pull it off, but the parody theme is why I liked the others.

Smokehouse92d ago

I can’t speak on that as I have only played the one that was given with psplus or gold. I couldn’t get into it but I didn’t give it a fair shake honestly, hour or two. The trailer for 6 looks solid though, a lot of fun. What do mean by changing the dynamic? In a literal sense with limited powers, etc? That would be even better in the parody theme. You can use the current real life republics as joke material.

Cmv3892d ago

Tropico was extremely fun

annoyedgamer92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

The previous ones were great. Its something of a parody of Castro and Cuba but where you can decide what to do. Whether its execute the political opponents, rig elections or govern fairly. You also have to deal with uppity rebels, hippies, and pollution. Nothing a few executions cant fix.

The US was also not portrayed as a supreme good. They are friendly with you as long as you sell them oil and are not chummy with the Soviets, if you don't, not so much. The USSR is also friendly to you but only if your relationship with the Americans remains frosty. Its actually very realistic.

By the time you get through the first few missions, Spanish music will be stuck in your head for days and you will be well versed in geopolitics.

Cmv3892d ago

Can't wait for the console release

Chumdiddy92d ago

This franchise is probably tied with Hitman for the most underachieving franchise in gaming. The idea of being a dictator is such a great idea and they make the same mediocre game time and again.

Take Sim City, add a bit more political decision making and don't force people to be good to do well. It's that simple. The latter is the most egregious part, IMO. To really make money you have to behave. Any real attempt to run an island nation as a true despot is impossible and I know because I've tried 10000000 times.

Every 6 months I'll trick myself into playing again only to realize that, no, you kinda have to be good to last more than a few years.