Microtransactions Should Never Affect Anyone's In-Game Experience

Enricko: "In this day and age, there’s no denying that microtransactions have become notorious for being prominent in many major titles. The idea of knowing that a game you’ve bought might require you to purchase digital boosts or items in order to gain access to the full experience has made people wary about the potential of upcoming releases. For example? The news that the new Devil May Cry gives players the options to pay real money for in-game currency that would usually require one to sink minutes or even hours of gameplay to obtain normally."

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Goldby93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Mt shouldn't exist period

92d ago
cha0sknightmare92d ago

Free to play games like Fortnite fine, DMC 5? Hell no.

Fist4achin92d ago

But where else are you going to show off your new chotskies?! Free to play will attract the bigger audience and thats where people want to flaunt their stuff. I could care less...

zahdab92d ago

Launching a game with microtransactions embedded in the mechanics from the get go means the dev is releasing a starter pack and making us pay full price for it ... f that

Elda92d ago

Doesn't affect mine because I always pay MTs no mind.

Gridknac92d ago

It effects everybody, whether you choose to ignore them or not is irrelevant. Games are being changed at the design level to incorporate MT. Shadows of War is a shining example. They heavily changed the design away from that of the first game. Collecting orcs in card packs for a endgame device that was just designed to milk customers of money. They manipulate xp, gold, loot drops, ect. All in an attempt to nudge players into buying their way there. This all affects the game play, which in turn effects eveybody.

Elda92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Nope! Not at all has MTs effect me when it comes to playing my favorite video games. I've played each one from beginning to end without a single transaction of MTs.Any game I've bought with MTs was always paid absolutely no mind.MTs evidently effect & bother you,not me.

Tross91d ago

@Elda While I think it's all well and good that you pay MTs no mind, if even a select few buy them, the companies behind such titles are still making extra money they wouldn't have otherwise, and will not be discouraged at all from including them in their games. About the only way they will change their tune is if they notice a drop in sales of the actual game. If sales are unaffected, simple math dictates that including optional MTs is a better financial decision than not including them. If sales take a noticeable nosedive however...maybe, just maybe, these companies will know that we as consumers mean business.

Elda90d ago

Folks don't need to not buy their favorite video game because of MTs folks need to stop buying the MTs & that can be a way of the developers to finally stop implementing MTs in games when they see no one is buying them.

Tross91d ago

MTs are a concept that works for F2P games as that's how those games make money. When gamers pay $60 (or $80 here in Canada), they've already given the devs money, and shouldn't have to pay more of it unless it's for DLC...and even then, there are ethical and unethical ways to for that. MTs in a full retail game are always unethical, and any consumer outrage they cause is 100% justified.