Battlefield V interview: Capturing players with single-player stories, not battle royale

Electronic Arts’ DICE studio showed off Battlefield V’s War Stories, the single-player missions that show different aspects of the war through four vignettes that explore distinct characters and stories. These stories are emotional and full of action, and they are meant to hook the players into the fantasy of Battlefield V, which debuts on the consoles and PC on November 20.

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Jinger88d ago

Except it will probably be short and boring like battlefield 1 campaign. Not only that but they are subbing out the work on their BR mode. DICE isn't even doing it themselves.

ConsoleGamer88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

I rather them to capture me with a amazing conquest and operation mode ffs. Because as of now i fear that they won't deliver on that front.

THEDON82z188d ago

I stopped playing single player after...BF4, to be honest it just doesn't seem worth it...I would just rather spend that time with my squad, kicking like the good old BF Vietnam days back in 2004!

ConsoleGamer88d ago

Me too. I forced myself through battlefield 3& 4's campaign back then, but nowadays i just can't do this anymore. If they aren't motivated enough to come up with a worthwile sp campaign, i really wished they just scrap the sp part BUT instead put in boatloads of content from the getgo into the mp because they would save so much from not having to do mocaps, scripts, voice acting etc. But we all no how these companies work these days. :(

UnholyLight88d ago

I was worried too but the Beta restored a little confidence after all the shhhhtalking online between others and even myself before trying it out. Lots was really missing but I am confident they can deliver on that Battlefield goodness that's kept me hooked for 1000s of hours across BFBC1/2 BF3/4/1

TekoIie88d ago

"While fictionalized, each story is based on a kernel of truth that makes the stories plausible."

Yeah, I saw the one where you're trying to rescue a prisoner with 50 throwing knives. I actually like the War Stories template for Battlefield's singleplayer but from what I've seen so far it doesn't look like they're going to pull it off especially well.

InputTranslation88d ago

Too late I bought CoD and your Beta was awful

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