Dead or Alive 6 Interview Part 2 — Koei Tecmo Unveils its Powerful New Engine

Dead or Alive 6 is powered by a brand new engine using the latest technologies to achieve top-notch visuals. DualShockers talked with the team about it.

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yellowgerbil95d ago

powerful engine? it can't even handle the jiggle. weak.

BadElf95d ago

They failed hard. Taking out the jiggle? PASS

BadElf95d ago

Sorry, you done fugged up DoA. SC6 is where our money is going. Non Politically Correct = Purchase.
Make the Jiggle Great Again

gamer780495d ago

all these interviewers come up with all of these questions, but they never ask the question that they need to. Will there be a jiggle slider like in previous games.... don't think they've said.

Abriael94d ago

Yep. That's totally what matters.

BadElf93d ago

In todays toxix, PC environment? You better believe thats what matters