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Dark Souls Remastered on Switch presents a more pristine version of the original, while being able to play it on a handheld console adds a surprising new dimension to a familiar adventure.

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Siegato54d ago


EddieNX 54d ago

This review sums up why the Switch its self is a fantastic console. Sometimes having the portability trump's an extra bit of detail or FPS.

hulk_bash198754d ago

Dark Souls + portable is a dream combination. I'm pumped for friday.

lptmg54d ago

but... but... de grafx! de frames!

TomatoDragon54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Portability never trumps FPS.

EddieNX 54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Well if you wanna play it on the go then it's kind of the defining factor.
If you don't wish to play it on the go , then sure, play it high settings on a XB1X ,Pro or the best place for graphics, PC.

deafdani54d ago

He said sometimes. Which it does, depending on the individual.

For you, it doesn't. For other people, it does.

Thus, your "never" claim is false.

Neonridr53d ago

why are so many games on PS4/XB1 only 30fps and that's ok. But a game on the Switch is unacceptable if it's 30. I get that the PS4 and XB1 versions are 60, but this game originally was 30 anyways..

Vectrexer53d ago

I agree portability is very cool. What I don't like is them really releasing games at full price. Games that we've most likely already played on our Xbox and PlayStations.

DarXyde53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

It sounds great, honestly. For me personally, I'm more of a frame rate guy, even though I only played it at 30fps on PS3. I would take 60fps over portability, but portability is definitely cool.

Not for me though because Dark Souls is one of those games where I don't trust myself to not chuck the device against a wall.

Regardless, happy to see the Switch version hold up. For those who've never prepared to die,
you're in for a treat/ aneurysm. It'd be pretty neat if FromSoft could port the whole trilogy.

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InTheZoneAC54d ago

More Nintendo bias confirmed.

Ps4 remastered 4k/60 fps review by ign 9/10

Switch same frame rate as original by ign 9.5/10, can't make this up...

SirenAries54d ago

It's the portability aspect.

Gemmol54d ago

Those others cant pause like the switch version

Little benefits like that make a game more enjoyable

T graphics not everything, and yes 60 frames is good but some games would be okay with 30 frames also, it's not a fighting game that needs 60 frames

SirenAries48d ago

It actually operates like a fighting game with the strict timing and parry riposte move. 30 is okay but to really nail that insane parry, 60fps makes it much easier and reliable to execute.


If graphics and FPS were what I was after, I'd get a PC....not a console. The Switch serves my purposes because it of it's portability.

InTheZoneAC54d ago

and not a single review has ever given extra points for better graphics, portability, or frame rate. They typically just mention the cons and pros of a certain system but the game gets the same review.

BTW a game such as Dark souls definitely benefits from higher frame rates.

Neonridr54d ago

so we are saying that graphics mean everything? So then why doesn't the PS4 score less than the PC version of every other game because it can't do 4K like PC's can?

lptmg54d ago

Can you die to the god damn Bed of Chaos on the bus or the plane with the PS4 remaster? Thought so as well

King_Noctis54d ago

Biased...yeah let read the reviews first and find out why they give this higher?

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TorpeAlex54d ago

ITT: The reviewer's subjective opinion is wrong

AshleeEmerson54d ago

Lol... I'm going to agree with you because I think you're being funny (at least I believe).

Sam Fisher54d ago

Im going to say you're pretty because i think that avi is you (at least i believe) lol

TorpeAlex53d ago

When I posted this all of the other comments were, "Wow a worse version of the game gets a higher score" and "Nintendo bias confirmed", so I was poking fun at them.

pyroxxx54d ago

If I had a Switch,.. Id get this version over the remake,.. they damned screwed it with the new lightning engine (some things look way better,.. but the armors look like milled plastic or something,.. which sucks),..Also like the GUI scaling options and 60 fps, but just cannot even wear my favourite armors because they look wrong as hell (and this is coming form someone who thinks it is one of the best best games ever made, (BB and demon's souls are better)... So yes Nitty actually has a better version of a game.

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