Battlefield 5’s single-player story left me feeling disappointed

Big ambitions fail to deliver a fresh experience.

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Elwenil90d ago

Exactly. As soon as I read the title I was thinking, "Yeah, no shit."

Skull52190d ago (Edited 90d ago )

The reveal and initial trailer of BFV was so disappointing that it’s not actually possible for me to be any more disappointed in the game, first Battlefield game ever that I won’t be buying, I hope they haven’t ruined the franchise for good because it used to be my favorite.

That being said Battlefield is a multiplayer game, they tacked on a campaign at some point last generation for no good reason, they should just drop it and concentrate on why people play Battlefield because they’ve obviously forgotten.

Crazyglues90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Well duh, the whole game is trash this year... I don't know what they were thinking

I played the beta and it sucked, and for the first time ever I think i'm just going to skip this years battlefield..

Newmanator90d ago

Agreed, LOVED BF1 played it for 2 years, so disappointed.

lipton10190d ago

No... it definitely won't flop.

And I can't help but to see some alt-right motivations behind that sentiment.

Hungryalpaca90d ago

Why is everything Alt right to you people?

Clunkyd90d ago

Because they're trumptards

ConsoleGamer90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Lol @the "alt-right". You are no better than people who scream "sjw" all the time.

2pacalypsenow90d ago

You’re just as worst as an alt right assuming things, if they don’t agree with you then they’re racist.

Let me guess, you’re part of the “resistance”?

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CorndogBurglar90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Haha. It definitely won't flop.

What some people don't understand is that the people making comments on this site are a vocal minority at any time. Whether they are saying positive things or not.

If you look at what is popular in the MP world of video games right now, this game has everything it needs to succeed. And it will. Whether some people are mad about the historical inaccuracies or not.

16bitNutritionist90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

I have loved BF since BF2 on 360 but this year's just feels the same as BF1 when I played the beta, I think the idea of going back to World Wars was better than ACTUALLY going back to World Wars, times have moved on and I just can't wait till they go back more modern, Vietnam modern at least but would love a full blown upgrade to what we got with BF4...maybe more akin to Bad Company 2 multiplayer destruction's a shame and I'm gutted to say it but I feel like I won't be getting this iteration of BF.. things might change as I see the other maps etc but for now im just gonna wait and see.

Hungryalpaca90d ago

Yea in THIS site they’re a minority. On EVERY site it’s either no one is talking about it or it’s mostly negative.

I actually don’t know a single person who even cares this is coming out.

The beta got a very lukewarm reception, BLOPS and RED DEAD are out by the time this comes, etc

The game will sel but I’m leaning far more to the it will be a major disappointment.

They chose to set it during a time period people like and mucked it up with a bunch of nonsense.

I watched the Narvik campaign footage today. You ski down a mountain into a village by yourself as a teenage girl one man armying the entire German battalion with throwing knives...while skiing.

It’s just stupid. No I’m not saying it’s stupid cuz it’s a woman. The scenario is stupid.

Profchaos90d ago

According to ea pre orders so far have been disappointing. And they are going to release in the same window as a rockstar game that's suicidal

slate9190d ago

When is Polygon not disappointed lol.

Profchaos90d ago

Polygon being disappointed about the campaign despite it ticking every single one of its sjw boxes is surprising but very indicative of it still being an ea game at heart

lipton10190d ago

"sjw" ... Really? Nobody cares about your implied oppressive political ideologies. Let people play as who they want.

Or better yet, instead of commenting on the internet, create something yourself. If BFV isn't a game you want to play, make your own.

Or just continue rage typing within the confines of your four walls. The great world will continue to spin with or without your consent.

Profchaos90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Not really raging at the game it is and it will probably be forgotten about a month post release what it is more pointing out that polygon has a heavy heavy bias. The sites trash. But bfv meh I'll be playing red dead instead this summer.

Also can't help but notice you defending the game in every post so I'm assuming you work for ea or polygon because no one is that defensive unless they are personally invested

Hungryalpaca90d ago

“Let people play as who they want”

I guess theme means jack shit anymore huh?

I’ll be waiting for masterchief in the next cod set in 1914.

akaFullMetal90d ago

Definitely sounds like a different take on ww2 with smaller stories about soldiers and civilians doing what they could do to fight the Nazis. I wonder if people will like it or not though due to the game not being a huge spectacular of war like Normandy we get.

lipton10190d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Man, I really wish it had that grand feel to it. I was truly expecting it. I enjoy feeling like a small cog in a giant machine in WW2 games. I hate feeling like the entire war effort depends upon the success or failure of this one, unrealistically risky, spec ops style suicide mission.

ShadowWolf71290d ago

That was actually the appeal for me in CoD 3, MoH Frontline, and even that History Channel Civil War game, the "Secret Missions" one. Most of what you did was lay the groundwork for the grander battles out there, some of which you controlled, others which you did not. But it was an awesome feeling that I can't quite explain.

Hungryalpaca90d ago

lol dude. I saw the Norway footage.

You ski down the mountain into town and use throwing knives at the Germans while skiing and one man armying the entire army as a teenager. It’s pretty stupid.

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