Did you know there’s a ghost ship in The Witcher 3?

In a spooky seasonal tweet, CD Projekt Red reminded the world of a little-known secret in The Witcher 3 - a ghost ship.

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Donnie8153d ago

Very cool now I'm gonna have to find it myself

chris23553d ago

stopped caring about witcher YEARS ago. i‘m not sure how relevant this info about an easteregg is. but i get that a certain group is still playing this and skyrim. god knows why.

Vegamyster53d ago

Yeah i can't imagine why anyone would still be playing a game with hundreds of hours of content. /s

bloop53d ago

349 hours pumped in before I was done with the Witcher 3. Not one of my proudest achievements, but loved every minute of it.

FinalFantasyFanatic53d ago

I still have to get around to actually playing the game myself.

No Way52d ago

Either you're gonna play it or your not, I find.. typically. So many good games to come out still, it's hard to miss one and come back to it later (unless you waited for price drops..)

rainslacker52d ago

I started it a while back, then quickly got out of it. Died fairly early, in a pretty trivial fight, an just went onto something else. Not that I felt I didn't enjoy it, or wouldn't, just at the time I couldn't get into it. Hadn't played the first two, so I didn't have that feeling of connection to it.

I fully intend to get back to it one day. And considered if I want to try the first two first. When I first played Mass Effect 3, I hadn't played the first two, so after about an hour of play, I wanted to go back and play the first two first.

raWfodog53d ago

Gamers play games, go figure. I didn't know there was an expiration date.

quent53d ago

Not all gamers are day one buyers of games, also maybe you don't know this but the reply value on these types of games are immense bc of secrets and easter eggs mentioned in this article

Lighter953d ago

The reply value of your comment is immense as well.

AAWELLS0953d ago

I honestly didn't realize you had stop caring but now that I know I'll stop caring too. I've been waiting to hear this for a while.

esherwood53d ago

So you cared about it once, maybe others didn’t get around to it until now...

dennigo52d ago

enjoy your reply and your disagree, like most of your comments you'll have plenty more disagrees than agrees :D

InKnight7s52d ago

You can't, enlist or even treat The Witcher 3 like Skyrim no matter what. The Witcher 3 is far superior game in every way and its a different level, it a premium gaming experience in one package and Skyrim is just a pre alpha prototype.

theredeyejedii52d ago

Cheer up ya miserable cunt it's christmas soon

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Hardiman52d ago

So cool and it's little things like this that make The Wild Hunt so cool! Love the game and after 3 years and about 200 hours I still enjoy it. Never saw this but I will check it out.