'Fallout: New Vegas 2' Is Highly Unlikely, Says Obsidian

With the recent rumor regarding Obsidian Entertainment being acquired by Microsoft, speculation of a Fallout: New Vegas sequel has been rampant. However, chances of getting it are pretty low according to the company's Twitter account.

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ZaWarudo91d ago

Will never understand why people wants to go back to the Mojave wasteland. The story already has been told there, time to move on to the next setting.

Unless people are referring to a new Fallout game from Obsidian then i wholeheartedly agree.

Nitrowolf291d ago

That’s what people want, a new FO game by Obsidian. Vegas is still my favorite FO game

gamer780491d ago

I'd rather something brand new, thats not fallout or anything else.

-Foxtrot91d ago

Yeah I think people mean a spiritual successor when they say New Vegas 2

New Orleans
Old London
New Miami
Old New York

Something like that

Kingdroopy201891d ago

exactly the mojave atory is done what about the rest of the west?

MrSwankSinatra91d ago

great, instead of getting this, we get that trash ass fallout 76. screw bethesda, fallout 4 was crap and 76 aint gonna be no better.

Kingdroopy201891d ago

How the hell do you know the game is going to be trash? You anti Fallout 76 guys are some cry babies with no friends and anti social issues i see.

InKnight7s91d ago

Defenders defenders defenders...

I hope these defenders for worthy games of worthy developers, man people knew it when game such DmC is a bad idea and guess what? FFXIII people knew this multiplat deal will miss with the quality and guess what? People knew about Destiny 2 being dump game and guess what? NFS being hated for being online only and guess what? As well as MGS survive.

Fallout 76 is a bad idea to start up with + there is no need for online only for such game at all it just limiting the players and no one asked for it.

MrSwankSinatra91d ago

its gonna be Trash anyone with eyes can see it, also my friends dont want to play that crap anyways, were gonna be to busy playing rdr 2 online.

j15reed90d ago

If it's not single player these people throw a fit...

Kribwalker91d ago

Maybe they will get to make a spiritual successor of sorts if the MS deal is legit. I know i’d buy it

bigmalky91d ago

They will get to make GaaS games.

No luck!

Baza91d ago

Obsidian is going to make whatever MS tells them to make.

Kribwalker91d ago

or it could be like Ninja Theory and they could be given full creative control as part of the purchase

TedCruzsTaint91d ago


I feel this may be the case. Obsidian has been putting out goty contenders for years now, based on what they wanted to make. No reason to cage that success.

Eldyraen91d ago

I’d rather they do something different.

Obsidian has stated they’d like to see Pillars of Eternity perhaps going in a different direction or even allowing other Devs to handle it, so how about an “Elder scrolls” PoE game? First/third person open world game in the same universe. Something a bit more like kingdoms of Amalur (more action-like combat mechanics) or even a better than Dragon Age Inquisition take on their current isometric party system PoE.

Or if MS wants a post apocalyptic rpg they drop the nuclear bit and go Biblical: make an rpg like how Hellgate London could have been (dark fantasy in post apocalyptic contemporary or historical setting). Diablo like dungeon crawler?

I want something different, not just a clone as that’s sort of one of MS’s problems. And yes my examples fall under that category but are simply baseline examples you can picture easily.

They could just as easily reimagine Scalebound or go with a similar open world rpg with Action RPG elements, custom dragons (maybe Scalebound+Lair but actually be good), character with Dragon armor/skills like Scalebound had, etc. Make it more of a traditional rpg with a huge world filled with small and large scale enemies.

Kingdroopy201891d ago

I dont want a New Vegas 2, thats unnecessary. A fallout game that takes place in Seattle or The whole of California would be great.

Smokehouse91d ago

Obsidian won’t be going back to anything. They were bought by Microsoft so they will be making Microsoft IPs. Hopefully new ones.

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