Astro Bot Rescue Mission Review - One of the Best VR Games Yet | GameCloud

Lliam Ahearn at GameCloud writes: "Astro Bot Rescue Mission is the best example of traditional video game mechanics executed in VR yet, amplifying and broadening 3D platforming to a whole new platform. The fundamentals, while nothing too unique, are consistently strong, allowing for the great VR mechanics and interactions to be built upon them. The wonderful tone and feel of Astro Bot’s levels paired with their thoughtful design makes it a joy throughout. Rescue Mission is directly designed around VR, while being fully featured and very high-quality, making it one of the very best VR games yet and an excellent example of the possibilities of virtual reality."

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Switch4One53d ago

Sweet. More games like this and I'll definitely make the VR plunge.
Has anyone here played this? How's the simulated motion sickness?

GamingSinceForever53d ago

There is none to speak of. That has been the deal breaker with most VR games to me and why I had to stop playing a lot of them.

UCForce53d ago

Sony did with Ape Escape. And Sony done it again with Astro Bot Recuse Mission.

Einhander197153d ago

No motion sickness on this amazing game, trust me I have a weak stomach when it comes to VR. But no problems with this title.