Bethesda Offers Revised Brotherhood of Steel History for Fallout 76

Bethesda has retconned the history of the Brotherhood of Steel. And, as expected, not everyone is happy with the revised lore.

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Sciurus_vulgaris94d ago

From what I understand Bethesda has at times been ignorant to lore established in Fallout 1-2. I think this ignorance is due to Bethesda not being the original creator of the Fallout series.

New-Breed94d ago

Absolutely. Bethesda isn't holding themselves to what Interplay setup in some regards. On the one hand, I understand that they want to mold the franchise to fit their experimental needs. On the other, I can see why people would be upset by them altering the established lore of an IP they took over.

toddybad93d ago

I was around for the first two fallouts and they were great but bethesdahas done a great job with the franchise.
They shouldn't be beholden to details from 20 years ago.
People need to get a life.

TheColbertinator94d ago

Bethesda stopped caring long ago about Fallout lore.

They own it and will do as they please.

FilthyWeeb93d ago

Bethesda stopped caring about the Fallout lore in Fallout 3 when they turned Super Mutants from a race of mutated humans capable of reasonable debate and with their own unique beliefs to "haha I collect guts and stuff lol I'm random".

Super Mutants believed they were the next step of human evolution and by unifying humanity to a body capable of thriving in the wasteland, all being the same race, that they'd stop man's almost primal instinct to fight.
Then we come to Fallout 3 and it's "oh look the brotherhood are the good guys and mutants are so random!"

ZaWarudo93d ago

The emergence of the Brotherhood of Steel isn't as fleshed out as fans likes to believe. The explanation Bethesda gave makes sense imo. People are underestimating the resourcefulness of the BoS.