Forza Horizon 4 Hospital Soundtrack Vinyl gets release date

The release date has been revealed for the Forza Horizon 4 Hospital Soundtrack Vinyl.

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Supernintendo8593d ago

Am I alone and saying that while the soundtrack for four is not terrible, I like the soundtrack of two and three way better?

Servbot4193d ago

Nah the soundtrack for 4 is trash, but 3 had some really good songs.

timotim91d ago

What I really miss from FH3 is the custom soundtrack feature. That was my most played radio station. They need to bring that back. Don't understand why we can't just use our OneDrive music instead.

2ndhandcorn93d ago

Do not like any of the synthetic crap tunes , weakest part of the game series is the music for me put some bands on instead of DJ pussy lol.

theredeyejedii93d ago

Radio, always off.
100 points if you get the reference.

93d ago