Soulcalibur VI Review – The Next Stage of History - The Koalition

Jakejames Lugo of The Koalition writes: Among all of the fighting game series to ever be released in arcades and home consoles, Soulcalibur has the most interesting and unique legacy. Its weapon-based combat and diverse cast of characters is appealing to everyone, but deep enough to attract fighting game fans who want to go pro with their skills against the rest of the world. Soulcalibur VI continues to build upon the continuing series with new characters, updated and finely tuned combat, and a fresh look that is polished and beautiful. But while Soulcalibur VI takes a few steps backward with its attempts at creating a story and single player content worthy of its universe, its weapon-based combat and multiplayer competition remain the foundation of what makes the series so special.

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rbailey94d ago

Very much looking forward to getting my hands on this game tomorrow.