Darksiders III To Last 15+ Hours on an Average Playthrough; HDR Support Is In

Darksiders III will last about 15 hours on an average playthrough, like the first installment, the developers said. They also confirmed HDR support.

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KaiPow96d ago

I'm hoping the Arkham/Metroid exploration is still in.

kevnb96d ago

Only if they refer to it as metroidvania.

ccgr96d ago

Can't wait to play this one!

LevelSmack96d ago

Yes,I love me some Darksiders:D.

Dizzy1152396d ago

Already sounds on par or better than Spiderman.

cartoonx196d ago

doubt it, its a good game but you cant just compare an unreleased to a critically acclaimed games just by these previews.

capjacksparrow96d ago

I can almost taste the sodium.

quent96d ago

Why compare it with Spiderman ?

Dark_Knightmare296d ago

Your trolling effort was way too obvious be better bro

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paintedgamer198496d ago (Edited 96d ago )

This game could truly be something spectacular! I loved the first two.


Really bruh? The thread is about Darksiders 3 a multiplat... not a Playstation 4 only i.p.

darthv7296d ago

I really hope this does well so there can be a 4th game in the series. I was worried there would never be a 3rd but so excited this is happening and don't want the series to end without the 4th horseman getting a game as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.