Is Monster Hunter World Running Out of Ideas?

Ravi: "The number of monsters with interesting mechanics, new skills and new gear seem far and few these days."

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Kashima94d ago

Done from mhw, can't wait for God eater 3

TimelessDbz94d ago

Would not say I am done with MHW but I am looking forward to god eater 3.

Kashima93d ago

Platinumed and nothing new beside rehash same monster but more hp and damage

-Foxtrot94d ago

As much as I liked it for being one of those online multiplayer games (Destiny, Division, Wildlands etc) and one being that held my interest the longest I did think I got burnt out pretty fast, wishing it would go back to being single player again with co-op features. I just think it took resources away from adding more things to the game.

Not to mention with how long some monsters take to take down it's a shame you couldn't pause it even if you were offline playing by yourself.

Kashima94d ago

The only monster that last long is behemoth extreme about 15 to 20min in average

Daeloki94d ago

OMG Karen nobody cares about your speedrunning...

neomahi94d ago

Give us a dog instead of a cat?

AK9194d ago

It had my interest longer than any GaaS game like Destiny 2, Divison etc.

ZaWarudo94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

We need an expansion. New weapon types, zones, monsters, etc. I hope Capcom is planning something. The game sold like 10 mil, right?

I really enjoy the game. Put in around 100 hours, but i have very little incentive to hop back in.

BlackDoomAx94d ago

100 hours is Nothing. You want new weapon types, but i'm pretty sure you haven't play more than 2 ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.