3 Things We Had to Share After 2 Hours of Red Dead Redemption 2 | Twinfinite

Ed M writes: The open-world action/RPG genre has been the stage where some of the most ambitious and innovative games from this generation have showcased their stuff. And now, Red Dead Redemption 2 enters that stage.

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mkis00733d ago

Im glad odyssey came out to tide me over until the 26th.

bigmalky33d ago

Same. Can't wait for this after watching Danny O'Dwyer's video.

PlatinumKing198233d ago

Same but by the gods , as much as I’m loving odyssey . I have to admit ever other game ever will need to take a back seat once this is released !

patrickman33d ago

And it'll take at least over 100+ hours before you'll feel satisfied.

Yi-Long33d ago

I kinda hope there's some kind of possibility to take your own created character and take it into the offline mode, perhaps post-game in free-roam, in order to just do random missions and stuff.

Palitera33d ago

I swear I didn't reckon we were so close to it. FINALLY!

Donnie8132d ago

I gotta finish a.c. odessey tomb raider and spider man before this comes out. I doubt I will but hey red dead is gonna be amamzing