Soul Calibur VI Review (TSA)

TSA writes: "Despite everything that’s come after it, the original SoulCalibur is still amongst the best fighting games of all time. It had a fantastic array of characters and featured the best rendition of on-on-one sword fighting I’d ever seen, while the cool single player featured a campaign map that made you play the game in different ways while using the full game’s roster. Though guest characters have since come and gone, and creating your own character has become more and more integral, the original game in the series just got everything right. Sadly SoulCalibur VI does not."

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lucian22994d ago

is it me or this guy seems really salty? Using words like "Stupid" in a review is also pretty unprofessional and really just shows his lack of patience. Complaining that the created characters use the styles of the roster is pretty silly as well; as if any other game created 10+ characters that were fully fleshed out in this genre. Create a character in this series is more so a reason to change the base roster into something that is yours. I play the game with my wife to replace the entire roster with our novel's characters, and it is the only fighting game to offer that ability.

The reversal edge seemed gimmicky at first but there is depth to it and it is not random. Usually if you don't want to participate in it, you can opt to block or step back; but this reviewer didn't bother going deep enough into to see that. instead he concentrated on hairstyles that he finds bandboyish.

Bad review is bad