The +18 lewd dating sim/visual novel “Harem Hotel” has launched its v0.4 beta build

"I just found out that Runey has released the v0.4 beta build of his upcoming +18 lewd dating sim/visual novel "Harem Hotel". So here's what's known about the game so far." - Robin Ek, TGG.

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yomfweeee93d ago

I really find it odd that N4G allows content like this.

WitcheRivia93d ago

You find it odd that News 4 Gamers posts news...For gamers?

Daishi93d ago

I understand some people may be prudish when it comes to nudity, but there's no reason to want it censored for those of us who enjoy it or straight up don't care. Only "we" can make nudity "dirty".

TGG_overlord93d ago

My thoughts exactly...Then again, it's not so long ago that I saw that someone got angry because a person wrote about some mod for "Wolfenstein 3D" (I have no idea what that was all about).

xRacer74x93d ago

@343_Guilty_Spark, Some of these games have far better stories than some of the telltale games or other more well known walking simulators. As for it being for Pervs, we all are pervs its a human instinct.

CarlDechance93d ago

Fringe gamers at best. Don't act like this crap is mainstream.

yomfweeee93d ago

This is pretty vulgar content. You won't find it on reputable sites.

ChrisW93d ago

A gaming hub is only as good as the content it allows.

doggo8493d ago (Edited 93d ago )

This is more for perverts addicted to porn, rather than for gamers looking for worthwhile news about games that are actually good, and worth playing (there's no way anyone can tell me they play these games for gameplay or story - the reason why we play games in general) as opposed to playing a "game" for the purpose of beating their meat.

This is not gaming.

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343_Guilty_Spark93d ago

Racism and NSFW post...par the course

TGG_overlord93d ago

"Racism"? Where is the racism?

TGG_overlord93d ago

Perhaps because people like different things?

EverydayJoe93d ago

As long as there isn't gay girls kissing, I don't care.


rainslacker93d ago

It's a game. that's about the only criteria required to post it on here.

magekyou93d ago

And I find it odd that extreme violence, gore, drugs and so much more gets a free pass but not... sex..? Something a majority of people will experience multiple times in their life? The act of reproduction, the act of passing down your genes?

I find it odd that society still has this much of a stigma for anything sexual. Sex is literally all around you. At any given time, Millions of people are having sex, much more than people dying of gunfire or violence.
But sex is the oddity?

Captain_J_Sheridan93d ago

I think we need some kind of filter, or N4G might end up being filtered themselves on NSFW content

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xRacer74x93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

These games are similar to the walking simulators like telltale games except they are more sexual. Funny reading people complain about it being lewd yet erotic novels have been around forever. This is just the next evolution to those novels. You make choices and see how the story plays out lends to multiple play thrus to see all the endings.

This game was okay at best much better games of this genre. If you like the Hotel theme check out HoteManagerHD its on version .2 Beta but it has a much better story and the TnA is far better.

TGG_overlord93d ago

In my opinion, people should at least check the game out before they start to diss it. I mean, who knows? They might actually like it. I know right? Furthermore, this game might not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you don't like it. Then just play something that you like then (I like the "X-com" series a lot, but I'm aware that some people can't even stand turn-based games at all).

rainslacker93d ago

So, to change the subject, when are you going to do an expose on why the SJW crowd doesn't get upset that many of these games don't include characters of color?

TGG_overlord93d ago


"News for pervs"

It's a lewd game?

CarlDechance93d ago

And? does that make him wrong?

Weeblordbad93d ago

Yeah and you post this crap basically daily, which sure judging by your past submissions I'm willing to bet these articles drive far more site traffic than the others. All the power to you, you're not breaking any rules here and I'm not advocating for it to be removed but don't act surprised when some people dump on it.

Not all of us have trouble meeting women, so to those people things like this are kiiiiiiinda creepy. At least you don't start your articles in the same way every single time anymore, baby steps.

Servbot4193d ago

Always visual novels, why not another genre?

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