Huawei's Mate20 X wants to take on the Nintendo Switch

Huawei's pitching its biggest Mate phone to take on Nintendo and Samsung in one hit.

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Alek8329d ago

Lol good luck with that.

UltraNova28d ago

Dont underestimate Huawei's stratospherical rise. Their products are 95% as good as Apple's and Samsung's at half the price and people are getting curious about them, its only a matter of time before they eat into the big Two's pie. Now if they want to delve into the gaming hand-held market, especially considering how desperate game Devs are to penetrate the Chinese market, I would pay attention.

Lon3wolf28d ago

They were 1/2 the price, you seen the price of these ones?

UltraNova28d ago

These are meant to double as game machines on the go as well or did you forget that? The half price on my original comment was for their normal phone(only) line up.

Kosic28d ago

They may have good products but their quality control sucks. P20 pro my friend recently got and it just feels like something is wrong with the OS. Like a cheap Chinese phone at times where it doesn't want to play smoothly.

I was tempted in getting a p20 pro going from a Samsung s8, I'm glad I didn't. Ended up with the note 9 which is a great phone (but tbh any phablet with dual speakers would've done me).

Imortus_san27d ago

Hahahaha, you are really crazy

King_Noctis27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

You honestly think Huawei can go up against Nintendo in the handheld department? Even Sony failed at doing so. This thing will be forgetten in a year (if it is that lucky) when a newer model comes out.

You must be high bro.

UltraNova27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

King noctis,

You should really try to understand what others say first. I would never say that. I was simply saying that they can surely enter the handheld arena if they take it as seriously as with their normal phone line up, if that area is anything to go by.


Everyone I know, former Apple and Samsung owners have only the best things to say about their P20 Pros, so to my knowledge Huawei has been ok so far and a worthy contender to my cash when I'm ready to move on from my S9+.

SuperSonic9127d ago

It will outsell Switch upon its launch alone.

Smitty202027d ago

My brother has got one of there phones and they r awesome

deno27d ago

You sound like a Chinese communist advertising agent.

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Thomaticus27d ago

It already has a better library of retro games.

King_Noctis27d ago

Yeah let buy a $1000 device just to play retro games.

jelloaceomega27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Well if you think about it in japan mobile gaming has a better hold of the casual market. Fate/Grand order had a revenue of $2 billion, and you also get a bunch of indie mobile games, fortnite and also pubg has mobile support, and also on china never really got into console or portable gaming, and Pc and mobile games are really making an impact on china's gaming market.

SuperSonic9127d ago

This phone will sell more units in one year than Switch's entire lifetime.And that is the goal.
Wanted to get the P2 Pro but will wait for this great phone. It has Ultra settings like PC.

3-4-527d ago

A good gaming device with no games = PS Vita......This is going to be that then.

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deadfrag29d ago

At that price and without any kind of exclusives,...what a joke.

ChronoJoe28d ago

Arena of Valor is actually the most popular game in the world. I imagine they're going for that market.

Razmiran28d ago

Arena of valor is also available on switch tho

ChronoJoe24d ago

Yeah, AOV is on Swithc too, but this device is a phone first, and a gaming platform second. I imagine for those looking for a phone, but also wanting to play AOV, this may be an appealing option.

shloobmm328d ago

It's a phone first. People have proven they will pay ridiculous amounts for a phone. Can you imagine a phone that you can plays similar to a switch? People are going to eat it up.

King_Noctis28d ago

And what game would those phone be able to play? BOTW? Mario? Smash?

optimus27d ago

the people that pay $1000 for a phone aren't doing it because it plays games similar to the switch. for that, just buy a switch for $300....believe it or not, the biggest selling point of any phone is it's camera capabilities and software.

Imortus_san27d ago

"exclusives", you mean those 10000+ games that android has have just vanished into thin air???

Every top of the line phone as great sales, this will just increase those sales a bit more, and there should be 200x more smarthphones in the world then there are Nintendo Switch's, so is a very safe bet, the phone will still sell to those that do not play.

subtenko27d ago

consoles showcase who has many exclusives at least

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porkChop29d ago

Not a chance. This thing is comically large, like that's just way too big for a phone. It's extremely expensive, and you know those controller add-ons aren't going to be included. It's also still handcuffed to mobile phone games which means the phone's selling point won't even matter.

Geobros29d ago

Nice try but no......Switch is still much better.

michellelynn097628d ago

900 bucks and no exclusives? Bye, bye.

rainslacker28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

But it has a $3 cell phone transmitter included.

Really...the Cell phone market in general is hilariously overpriced for the tech that's included. Even all these new fancy features they include don't cost much. Most expensive feature in years was that curved screen on that one Samsung, and that was because the tech was extremely new and not generally available to the consumer market yet.

If people stopped paying that much for all these fancy new features which didn't amount to much, most of these new phones would probably go for less than $300, if not $200. Most of the money charged is for the excessively large marketing budgets for the next big thing.

michellelynn097628d ago

I know, and this one is 900 bucks. Still overpriced and you're right, if people would quit buying em, they would have to lower the price.

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