NBA 2K19 issues permanent bans for using auction house correctly

Questionable practices are not a new topic when it comes to 2K, but banning players for correctly using a system the company put up in NBA 2K19 is next level. A player recently got a permanent ban using the auction house, no warning attached.

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Dabigsiebowski97d ago

I really used to love 2k. Will never buy a game from them again more than likely. Make NBA 2k f20 at least. This and EA sports are the worst gambling mechanics to ever hit video games. It's disgusting

King_Noctis97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

I can't believe 2K has stooped this low too. I remember I used to love Bioshock, Borderland, and especially Mafia II so much. Now they are nothing but a microtransactions company. They can die with EA (alongside the new devil Ubisoft) for all I care.

execution1797d ago

🙄 go from begging people to let them use microtransactions to banning people that aren't abusing the system

howiewowwee97d ago

i lose audio when my player goes to practice. i'm just saying.

Takwin97d ago

I used to play it years ago but I want all-offline season modes and absolutely no microtransactions. I won't buy any sports games with microtransactions, which means I will never buy one again in my life. Oh well. I'll spend my money elsewhere.

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