A Video Game MCU Published by Sony Could Dominate the Industry, But Is It Possible?

Author writes "Marvel's Spider-Man earned critical acclaim when it launched back in September, and it's being celebrated as a triumph for licensed games. It feels as The success of Marvel's Spider-Man is prompting the suggestion that an MCU of video game titles might be inbound."

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-Foxtrot99d ago

They could always make Daredevil, the Punisher, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist games which tie in heavily to New York and Spiderman. Would be nice since they totally forgot about these street level characters in Spiderman.

Hardiman99d ago

That would be great testing grounds for them to try. Do something with the MCU characters from the Netflix series and see how that works and after it does move on to the broader MCU.

gangsta_red99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Heroes For Hire game starring Power Man, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones would be bad ass.

But I would like to see a developer tackle Fantastic Four since that hasn't gotten the proper MCU treatment. Perhaps Marvel can make them into games instead. Especially regarding the X-Men. Would love to see what could have been a great X-Men vs Avengers crossover.

UCForce99d ago

I want MoonKinght, Venom and Winter Soldier Game.

thatguyhayat99d ago

A moonknight game would be epic.

UltraNova99d ago

I want a Superman game. Preferably one made by Rocksteady or if in some alternative universe WB tasks Sony to develop one and Sucker Punch gets to work!

Yeah...other than that I would love a no bars hold 18+ rated Punisher or Wolverine game!

abstractel99d ago

Would love a great Daredevil game purely as a Daredevil fan!

Any character can be made into a great video game by the right developer.

hulk_bash198799d ago

They all had Easter eggs in the game, so I wouldn't say they were completely forgotten.

-Foxtrot99d ago

I meant it as in you know actually seeing them

City turns to shit

Mass criminals escape and roam the street

Devils breath is released and spreads killing people

Yet not a single glimpse of these’s just...weird. The events that happened are too big to ignore. I can get the Avengers not turning up but street level heroes...

rainslacker99d ago

I feel with the success of Spider-Man, it's more possible now than before. Marvel may be more open to a MCU series on the PS console since it makes it apparent that it can be wildly successful.

NFL requires that a game be multi-plat for the license because they want to make sure they get the most sales possible, but it's obvious that people will go to where the games are if those games are good.

Granted, there is also an avengers game coming, and that seems like a more obvious place to kick off a MCU series of games.

I think though that they couldn't rely on Sony to make all the games. That would be unreasonable, and like the movies, not all of them can be a success, nor will all of them likely turn out as good as Spider-Man.

badz14999d ago

Marvel Gaming Universe? I think that's too much to ask IMO. not that I'm against it, but just me being realistic. Great game like Spider-man doesn't come out often and definitely won't come out yearly like the MCU in movies. at least not at the standard that Spider-man is showing. Making quality products like Spider-man takes time and requires lots and lots of dedication. I'm just happy that we get great superhero games occasionally like the Arkham series and Spider-man but I would hate it if the gaming scene is flooded with superhero games like how cinemas are now flooded with superhero movies. they over-saturated the cinema and it's getting really hard to be impressed or wowed now with new movies coming out every other month of the year. just watch the honest trailer for Ant-man 2 on YT and I think you will agree with the epic voice guy's view on this.

back on topic, isn't Square Enix much closer to the MCU than Sony at the moment? they are working on an Avengers game, right?

rainslacker98d ago

I honestly couldn't even imagine the nightmare that would ensue with trying to get all these different development houses on the same page just on the story front, and hoping that all of them can release on time, so the next game in the universe will be right in the cannon.

That's something that can be done in movies, since production schedules generally aren't delayed once filmed.

If they rushed release dates, then the chance that you get sub-par games just puts us right back to where we were with Activision holding a single license.

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AizenSosuke99d ago

Marvel + Sony = absolute infinite freedom + possibilities.

blm50499d ago

Marvel is Merican how bout Microsoft Activision or EA

BlaqMagiq199d ago

Eww. Anything but them. Sony has shown they are the best choice with Spider-Man.

1-pwnsause-199d ago

Activision and EA? I hope you’re trolling...

supes_2499d ago

Activision or EA? Have you just started gaming? Any gamer knows to stay away from them fools if you want a quality game that isn’t rushed and a onslaught of micro transactions. Lol, silly kid

xenz99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

No thx, and your comment history is ridicilous btw.

Skankinruby99d ago

Lol you're trolling right? Please, please tell me you're trolling

StormSnooper99d ago

Sony also has its headquarters in the U.S. now.

blm50499d ago

Xenz you really check my comment history lmbao you gotta be kidding me

xenz99d ago

Haha well, I was curious. Wanted to see what kind of person we are dealing with here.

Melankolis99d ago

You forgot Sony Music & Sony Pictures? They're American. And even Sony Interactive Entertainment, now it's not all Japan-centric.

jukins99d ago

Well when your an obvious troll people like to see how bad of one you are that's why your comment history was examined. Dont be surprised you obviously want the attention

rainslacker99d ago

EA has shown they aren't good for relying on them making a game where they get to set the parameters like Sony had the freedom to do.

Activision has a terrible track record with licensed properties, but I do believe that a lot of that is due to unreasonable release dates often based around movie or other media releases, because they do have a couple good licensed games in their portfolio.

MS would be fine, as despite how much criticism they get about not having enough games, they do have some studios that can indeed make excellent games. It's just a matter of matching up the game with the right studio...or them going with a 2nd party like Sony did with Insomniac.

However, with MS, they don't have the same install base like Sony had, and I think that would be a turn off for a studio looking to maximize sales and quality. Sales you can get with a user base. Quality is made out of desire to make quality. MS only has half the equation.

thatguyhayat99d ago

Did you suggest Activision and EA? Its like you're asking them to force MT

Godmars29099d ago

You mean the MS Avengers Kinect title? Or EA could do a battle royal MP?

Beside Square's doing games and you know what that means?

Belts! Belts for everybody!!

Realms98d ago

Nah this dude is a MS fanboy obviously trolling MS, Activision and EA are hot garbage focused on GaaS. Marvel is trying to clean up their image and Ip's not continue to tarnish them they would be wise to stay away from any and all of these publishers.

jelloaceomega98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Didn't those publisher said that SP games are dead. IDK unless they add battle royale mode, it might not sell. /s

InTheZoneAC98d ago

Your comment really reflects your name. Smh

alex10159498d ago

If Activision and/or EA had it we would have to pay for each suit.🙄

Dragonscale98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Activision had the Spiderman license before Sony and the games were terrible, Ms don't really have the studios to do them justice, and EA, after the joke that was battlefront and their current anti consumer bullcrap, they should be the last publisher on the list fgs. You'd put up with all that just because they are 'merican' speaks volumes lol.

Thundercat7798d ago

1. This is a business. Quality over nationality.
2. MS and EA are the least qualified for the job as they don't believe on single player games.
3. EA destroyed Star Wars. Fans are begging that contract ends soon.

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Godmars29099d ago

Sorry, but they made one Batman Arkham knockoff and anything they do is gold? Making games doesn't work like that. Not unless they can somehow fit every Marvel character into the exact same model of game - and then you're Tell Tale. And we all know what happened to them before what happen to them happened.

The same game formula got stale is what that last bit's about.

zeuanimals98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

I'm honestly gonna have to agree with you. A lot of MCU heroes don't translate as well to video games as Spiderman does. Simply traveling around is fun with Spiderman. If we do see more games, we'll probably see a lot more street level heroes, but I can't see those heroes getting their own games. They just can't carry a game by themselves like Spiderman.

PapaBop98d ago

We've already seen how EA handles highly lucrative licenses.. no thanks!

AspiringProGenji99d ago

Or just make a Spiderverse and have all the related heroes to Spiderman and NY be in the games. The avengers already exist in this Spiderman game

PhoenixUp99d ago

Nope it’d be a pointless effort

jznrpg99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Only for people who for some reason won’t buy a PlayStation . It’s not expensive, it has many games in many genres even niche. No reason not to buy one if you love video games . Now if you love corporations more than video games I guess that is a reason why.

PhoenixUp99d ago

What’d be the point? We’ve already seen the Marvel characters interact with each other in plenty of games. You can even have them appear in another Spider-Man game like various other Spider-Man games without a connected universe

Plus I don’t want to see Sony put aside any of their original games to cultivate this. A Spider-Man franchise is good enough

Kribwalker99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

plus the fact Square Enix is making an avengers game already, on top of the Marvel ultimate alliance games, Marvel vs capcom games etc too, it’d be overdone

ShadowWolf71299d ago

They wouldn't need to. Entirely possible to create new teams to handle this stuff.

PhoenixUp99d ago

@ Shadow

New teams just to work on Marvel games rather than more original properties for Sony?

That makes even less sense.

UCForce99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

@Kribwalker And why Marvel come to SIE in first place ? Was it money or something ? Because Marvel want their game to treat respectfully like Sony First Party Studios. And Sony choose Insomniac because both of them have strong relationships for decades. Now its up to Marvel to decide which developers and publishers will use one of their hero licenses. I know Avengers game is making by Crystal Dynamic and Square Enix, but after successful of Spider Man PS4, I think Marvel will look another deal with Sony to make another one in the future. By the end of the day, Marvel was looking someone who has strong conviction and Sony was one of them.

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Hardiman99d ago

I know some would cry foul because of the exclusivity but I'd argue that there is very compelling evidence that it would be incredible, that and just get a PS4! The evidence is that Sony has a stellar track record with creating environments for creative people to , we'll be creative and the games speak for themselves! That's why Marvel came to them in the first place and with how great Spider-Man its not hard to imagine what a MCU gaming universe could look like with Sony involved.

Hopefully Spider-Man's success can be at the very least parlayed into some other exclusive titles! Daredevil would be incredible with a similar setup to Spider-Man or is not truly "open world" then they could do something similar to GOW's design. A Punisher game would be incredible and with Disney obtaining the characters Fox had my mouth is drooling at the possibilities that could come down the line. Imagine a narrative driven Fantastic Four game or a well made X-Men title!

98d ago
Garrett_the_GOD98d ago

I think a huge open world X-Men game with co-op in mind could be AMAZING if done right...or even single player where Professor X's school is the main hub/home where you would have to often go to get new the school you should also be able to choose 3 characters to handle the mission and while on the mission have the ability to switch between the 3 characters you choose for said mission on the fly.the 2 characters you arent currently playing as being AI controlled...have the ability to choose from Wolvernine,Storm,Rogue,Cyclops ,Gene Grey,Beast,Gambit, would be so amazing being developed by a dev of the same caliber as Insomniac