How The PlayStation Camera Ruined The Scariest Moments of Until Dawn

Bloody Disgusting: "No matter if it’s a game or a film, If there’s a jump scare then I’ve probably jumped out of my seat and screamed due to it. Despite loving the horror genre, I’ve never had much of a resolve when it comes to withstanding these scares. However, one of the most high-profile horror titles in recent years didn’t have much of an impact on me, despite scaring plenty of others, and it’s due to a pretty glaring design flaw that most people didn’t experience.

I’m talking about Until Dawn, Supermassive Games’ breakout hit of 2015. While I adored the campy tropes and characters that made the story instantly relatable, there was one problem: I just didn’t find the experience all that scary. Endearing and fun? Sure, but the whole thing fell flat when it came to actually delivering the gasps of the horror movies it was trying to emulate."

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Razmiran95d ago

Then once you notice it does that, you go turn it off
Or if you are dumb, this happens

Leeroyw95d ago

Well the trade off was that my better half didn't realise so I got some good shots of her losing it.

ClayRules201295d ago

Man, if only people could have seen my reactions during this game. I was such a chicken, and didn’t play for a day or so here and there because I was not only afraid about how I’d keep these characters alive, but the atmosphere “in my opinion” was right on the nail (really scary) and I only played at night. What an experience & an amazing game.

Smokehouse95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Truly scary horror is not an easy thing to do in games or movies. Until dawn is still a great horror game even if it’s not scary though. I don’t think it fell flat on anything but I dont find many things scary anyways lol. The last time I had the “I’m not going down there” moment was looking down a dark alleyway in condemned and seeing the bums shuffle and peak around the corners. It wasn’t monsters or paranormal shit, it was just bums and I was freaked out lol. I loved it though, probably my favorite because of that.

Condemned and the first FEAR are some of the the best I’ve played recently in terms of creepy factor and atmosphere. I liked resident evil 7 a lot but it’s not scary either. RE7 VR might be scary but I already beat RE7 a few times before I even tried the VR so the effect was probably diminished.

Skankinruby95d ago

What??? Until Dawn made the best use of the camera. Capturing your personal reactions to the jump scares was brilliant, I had zero interest in the camera until I heard about this feature then immediately went out and bought one.

fr0sty95d ago

P.T. got pretty creepy on the first playthrough.

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