7 Misleading Video Game Trailers that Looked Nothing Like the Final Product

Author writes "Over the years, several misleading video game trailers have totally misrepresented the final product."

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Gaming4Life198194d ago

Aliens was the worst and I'll still played it because I'm a diehard aliens fan but man they lied terrible. No man's sky was also a big lie but all the other games wasnt that bad.

Parasyte93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

And what is worse about Colonial Marines is, Randy Pitchford STILL claims he never lied about that game!

PlatinumKing198294d ago

DEAD ISLAND nothing else to say !. Talk about misleading,damn .

jordan22290ps93d ago

I was gonna say the same. Damn good trailer though haha

jordan22290ps93d ago

I feel like Overkill's The Walking Dead will end up on a list like this.