‘Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare’ – A Love/Hate Relationship

Eight years later, Undead Nightmare is still an odd little footnote to Red Dead Redemption's success.

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TheKingKratos595d ago

What? I pretty much love it
and it's my favorite DLC along with left behind and Blood and wine.

And i'm not a fan of anything rockstar make outside of RDR ...hope part 2 is any where near the original.

TheGamingArt595d ago

Love/Hate, are you kidding me. It's pure love.

optimus595d ago

i bought the game of the year edition which came with undead nightmare and it's probably the best add-on i've played for any game. it's like getting an entirely new this day i have yet to finish it because it's so full of content...i hope they have another version planned for red dead 2 or at the very least something similar outside of the red dead online stuff.