UGO: Resident Evil 5 - Interview with Karen Dyer

UGO writes: "South Florida native and current LA resident, Karen Dyer knows everything there is to know about Resident Evil 5. The actress is responsible for supplying the voice and motion capture work for Chris Redfield's zombie-capping partner, the lovely Sheva Alomar. We recently had the chance to interview the actress about her role in the game, and what it's like to be the star of a major blockbuster like RE5. However unfortunate it was that we couldn't get her to spill any nitty gritty details, (she must be wary of that NDA she signed), we're happy to get the inside scoop on Sheva and the rest of the motion capture process.

UGO: When you were originally up for the part of Sheva in the game, where you aware that it was a Resident Evil game? And if so, were you familiar with the franchise before you were contacted about the role?

Karen Dyer: I did know that the project was Resident Evil 5. When I was brought in, I was brought in as a recommendation through the production company. As far as the games before that, I had played Resident Evil 4. And I knew a little bit of the series. After that, they put me through my screen tests and then we went in with the role. "

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