Five Really Stupid Things in Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Rich at GameSpew: I'm enjoying Assassin's Creed Odyssey. I really am. But boy does it have some really stupid things in it. Here are a handful of them.

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zodiac90995d ago

At first glance you could mistake the thumbnail for Breath Of The Wild.

zodiac90993d ago

Welcome to N4G. A Cesspool of downvotes ;)

joab77795d ago

Love the direction they have taken this series, but the two years off need to be used to move forward, now that they are caught up. RDR2 and CP2077 are pushing open world rpgs ahead w more dynamic gameplay, creating worlds that appear alive, as opposed to backdrops for our amusement. TW3 was a great foundation this gen, but we haven’t seen much since then, outside of Kingdom Come.

Fist4achin95d ago

It is a videogame afterall...

jznrpg95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Game looks decent but I wish they would leave MT out of single player games besides maybe cosmetics. I can live with them wanting more money but XP potions or whatever you call them is not cool. Maybe different type of horses or skins that have no effect on the game. I will get this later when it is 20-30$

ShadowWolf71295d ago

That last complaint was kinda... reaching. But ok.

As for the modern day stuff, I don't think they ruined it with 3 at all. I think they wrote themselves into a corner, set up a series endgame, and the publishers took a look at the potentially vanishing dollar signs and said "lol nah". Because 4 was the first time they really tried to force modern day stuff to work, started removing the genetic memory requirement so any schmoe could access any DNA on-file, etc.

And being real, with the resources Abstergo/the Templars have at their disposal, that alone should have massively tipped the scales in their favor.

What they needed to do was wrap that plot up and THEN move on to whatever, but they wanted to drag it out.

I do think it's stupid though that you can't recruit anyone who falls in the water, or that they're done with a single Spartan Kick overboard. lmao

Like even if you were way under-leveled and just kick someone into the water, you win.

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