Five Things We Want From a New Witcher Game

CD Projekt Red CEO, Adam Kiciński, has stated that the won’t “leave the world of the Witcher”, but what do we want from another Witcher game?

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rdgneoz394d ago

Well, you'll be waiting at least 5 years for a new one. They're working on their new game right now, which is probably another year or 2 off (hopefully by spring 2020 the latest), so it'll be a while till the next full game (not the Gwent game).

Anthotis94d ago

Maybe a game that chronicles the creation of the witchers.

cfc8394d ago

I'd settle for a re-master of 1 and 2 for console. Never got to play 1. Next Witcher is at least 6 years off i'd guess.

ZaWarudo94d ago

Lots of story to tell before the events of the games.

FloydianAndroid94d ago

I’d like the next game to start you off as a child and work your way through the Witcher trials and progressing from there.

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