PlayStation Store Sale Now Live and Is Called the "Pub Party" Sale, Here's the Full List

It’s Tuesday, and that means Sony has once again released a new PlayStation Store sale, which means a ton of games are at discounted prices. This week’s sale is called the “Pub Party” sale which you can check directly here for the web browser version.

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excaliburps98d ago

OMG! God of War is on sale...checks and it's "God Wars." >_>

thatguyhayat98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

God of wars been on sale a few times and was deal of the week too

98d ago
Kran98d ago

How on earth you'd mistake GOD WARS Future Past for "God of War" is baffling considering they are titled differently...

That's just lazy reading.

Kran98d ago

Gamist2dot0... it was a terrible attempt at it.

97d ago
PhoenixUp98d ago

Danganrompa looks nice at that price

bigc07200497d ago

I know this is mostly a PS community, but they always put garbage games on sale. Disappointing Everytime. Xbox has been lately too. Except they put the same one from the month prior, on sale again 🤦🏻‍♂️

TheSaint97d ago

Disappointing to you, not to everyone.

97d ago
bigc07200496d ago

Never said to everyone. Just my personal opinion.

Orionsangel97d ago

I needed FF15 Royal Edition to be 19.99 but it's 24.99.

97d ago
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