The Console Wars Are Back With The Analogue Mega Sg, The First FPGA Sega Console

by Damien McFerran:
"In the field of 'new' retro hardware, one name arguably stands out. Analogue started its life with the gloriously insane (and incredibly expensive) wooden Neo Geo MVS, but it was the Analogue Nt that really took the firm to the big leagues. Authentic NES hardware contained in an aircraft-grade aluminium frame – this was a true connoisseur's console, and it flew in the face of the accepted trend of 'clone' systems built on flaky emulation and generally lacklustre construction quality."

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Neonridr95d ago

beautiful.. I just got my Super NT from Analogue. Will definitely order this one.

darthv7295d ago

and i read a tweet that says this will work with the Sega/Mega CD... I'd like to know more about that.

Neonridr95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

yeah apparently it can hook up to a Sega CD. Not only that but this thing also comes with a Master System adapter that allows you to play SMS games. Apparently there are other adapters they will sell next year for $10 each that allow you to play things like Game Gear and others. Maybe 32X even.

Imortus_san95d ago

This one is only HDMI, no analogue connection.

Neonridr95d ago

the Company is named Analogue, :P

Imortus_san94d ago

Yes I know that, the Analogue NT Mini (aka the best Nes console ever made) has analogue video output and HDMi, the Sega console only has HDMI, it should also have RGB.

Neonridr94d ago

@Imortus_san - yes but this is modeled after the Super NT, which also only had HDMI out. The Analogue NT / Mini were a lot pricier and contained a lot more options when it came to video out. They cut costs down releasing their next system, and decided to keep that model moving forwards.

PhoenixUp95d ago

When did console wars ever leave

CrowdNex95d ago

If people want to buy these things, good for them for providing the product. But I'm completely baffled why somebody would want a $190 that plays genesis carts when you can just buy a genesis for 1/5 the price?

Imortus_san95d ago

Buy a real genesis, a panchuko cable and them buy a really good line doubler or upscaler, and you still wont have this image quality from this new console (just check Analogue NT, and Super NT for that fact), since Mega Drive has a terrible image on the the recent TV's, that's why there are mods to improve image quality, and expensive cables.

Neonridr95d ago

problem is using a Genesis with modern TVs. If you have an old CRT kicking around, then I would totally suggest going that route. However my 4K TV only has HDMI hookups. So to buy a Genesis and then the proper converter (say Framemeister for example) to use with my TV makes this option actually cheaper in the end. Plus since it's using actual FPGA it's not just an emulation box like most of the other devices out there. Obviously it isn't for everyone, but it's an option for those who want a more elegant solution I guess.

Garrett_the_GOD94d ago

I agree,I loved all the retro consoles back in their day but honestly its hard for me to go back to some of these old games when I have a PS4 Pro,PSVR,Xbox One X and a Nintendo Switch...not to say that some of these retro games are still great because games like Link to the Past,Secret of Mana,Castlevania,Metroid,etc games will always be great but not enough so to justify me spending $200 (same price you can get a PS4 Slim or Xbox One S for) when you can play it all on PC or even phone with free roms

DreadGara95d ago

Reggie himself and the Nintendont boys will be jealous and going sue those guys 😂

Neonridr95d ago

huh? Analogue already made an NES and Super NES.. this is just their next device.

DreadGara95d ago

I know about that, I'm just saying to bust some friends around.

But still I found Analog prices very expensive, around 200$ is kinda op.

Neonridr94d ago

@DreadGara - true, but aside from owning the original hardware, this is the next best thing. No emulation, this is the real deal.