Rumor Killers: E3 Public, GTA Zombies, Wii Rock Band Delay

"Obviously the biggest news of the week is the fact that E3 is changing yet again, only this time it's shedding the lighter and tighter facade and instead opting to return to the spectacle of old. As you've no doubt heard by now, the ESA has decided to revert to the 2006 version of E3, scrapping the invite list and opening the show to more than just press and a few select industry types. The show is expected to balloon in attendance once again, back into the tens of thousands. Obviously this begs the question, can the public get in?"

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thegamereviews4280d ago

I read another article yesterday that they may go back to invite list, but it will be a wider invite list.

cain1414280d ago

Zombies sounds a bit gimmicky...

ihaten4glol4280d ago

I'm glad they decided to go back to the way things were. I'd still not be able to go, haha, but I like remembering the way E3 used to be.