The Classic Console Cash Grab Is Just Going to Get Slimier and Slimier

Author writes "It’s a nice idea, the thought of Sony execs sitting around a table spitballing a fantasy line-up of cool games to throw on the ultimate PlayStation, but that’s not how it works."

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IamTylerDurden191d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Where were all the "cash grab" articles when it was just Nintendo? Now, suddenly it's a slimy cash grab?

alexgibson91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

As I mentioned in the article, the original NES Classic was cute. But the whole premise of Classic Consoles has now become a product line that's lost its magic.

PS. The article was inspired by the N64 Classic rumor --also in the copy. So yeah, hold your horses with the abuse until you've taken the time to read something.

rainslacker90d ago

Except your article is based on the premise of this being a cash grab. When it's just a gimmicky product that has some appeal to a limited market. Every company is going to try to capitalize on a market that exists if they have the means. That doesn't make it a cash grab, because they are providing a product that people may actually want. If they were doing the least amount of work to gain those customers, and twisted around what exactly one was getting, spent very little money on making it happen, and charged an excessive amount of money, then it can maybe be considered a cash grab.

When you start out saying its a cash grab, it pretty much already taints your argument about it also being slimy. Nothing about these classic consoles is shady or slimy. It may not be what you or some others want, but that doesn't make it slimy, just not something you want. You mistake your own expectations, and the companies own target market for these devices.

quent90d ago

Would it make it less slimier if there were more articles of a similar nature ?

rainslacker90d ago

Wonder when they'll release the PS1 mini: Thickier version.

As far as I can tell, this is based on the PS1 original console, not the slim version.

PhoenixUp91d ago

“The buzz surrounding Nintendo’s NES Classic and its subsequently astonishing commercial performance was so profound that it’s likely to have spawned a whole new sub-category of consoles. We’ve already had the SNES follow-up before copycats SEGA and Sony recently made their own versions public.”

New sub-category? We’ve already had devices just like this long before. Let’s not pretend Nintendo was the first to pioneer this concept for the sake of a baseless point, especially when you want to use the term copycats.

SegaGamer91d ago

Exactly, I was getting these mini consoles when I was a kid, they are nothing new.

Cobra95190d ago

What are you talking about? I recall slimmed-down versions of consoles (which functioned just like the original designs), but never official miniature versions of even older classic consoles, with a limited set of built-in games. The only thing that comes to mind was a 3rd party Atari VCS clone which was all contained inside an Atari-looking joystick. The big players were never into this as a side business until the NES Mini.

darthv7291d ago

In situations like this, people often forget about the devices that were on the market previously. but then again none of those plug and plays were official products made by the platforms they are meant to represent.

Nintendo could be the first one to actually do it themselves. Maybe that is what he means by starting a new sub-category as Sony is likely to do their own and these will be products with warranties that you would have to contact Sony (or N) to get support unlike the ones from ATGames and Radica or Jaks Pacific.

Cobra95190d ago

Yeah, everything after the NES Mini is like hashtag-me-too. Nothing wrong with that. Successful business trends get imitated all the time. But let's not pretend it's anything else.

rainslacker90d ago

There are officially licensed ones? Also, wasn't the NeoGeo X Gold a more similar concept to these minis, albeit licensed by Tommo?

Seems the only real difference is that these are made by the console makers, and not licensed by another company, and I don't see how that makes them particularly innovative or the first.

When it comes to the console makers releasing them, there is going to be a limited number of iterations. Sony maybe has two gens they could do this with right now. I don't see a PS3 classic mini due to costs, and licensing games would probably still be expensive for the forseeable future. Even Nintendo is going to hit a wall, beacuse the Wii mini I can't see being that big of a deal, and a WiiU mini they already have in the Switch for the most part. Maybe 10+ years from now, but this will be a short term trend from the console makers. People should just let it play out, and it'll work itself out.

alexgibson91d ago

Not officially licensed products from the companies that built the originals. This is a new enterprise from Nintendo and Sony. I'm not referring to third-party mini consoles.

rainslacker90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

I don't see why that matters at all. How many generations can they conceivably cover doing this?

If you're upset about it, get over it, and just let it play itself out for those that want it. No reason to accuse these companies as being money hungry because they see that there is a market that is willing to buy them. These products do not take away from their other work, and are even nice collectible pieces.

We don't call it a cash grab when Nintendo puts out all these art books or developer diaries on books, or when they release a concert recording on CD. That is really no different in terms of niche complimentary or supplemental markets to their normal products.

I guess my point is, is that your article, and your comments here, haven't actually explained why its a cash grab, so your premise isn't justified. Each company seems to be taking a similar tact to the first NES mini, and while it may not be what you want, there is nothing slimy about it.

CrimsonWing6990d ago

Seriously? How is this a cash grab?

rainslacker90d ago

Grammar isn't everyone's strong suit.

rainslacker90d ago

It's only getting worse, and worsier every year.

Internet only gives an outlet to those who don't stay in school....or don't spend enough time in it.

rich378390d ago

well I still have most games that I would play on each of the original systems that's out and coming out, since I collect them. Still nice to have a mini version though.

rainslacker90d ago

I think they're neat little collectible items. I've spent more on less impressive things for my collection.

I passed on these minis though. I can't really justify it given my rather extensive collection of physical games, and still owning the system. If I had a good place to display them, then maybe I'd consider it, but ultimately, it'd be more for vanity than any real desire to have them.

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