Junichi Masuda on Pokemon Let's Go's difficulty, mechanics, and the series' future

Chris Tapsell:
"Two decades on from Pokémon Red and Blue's arrival here in the west, we're going back to Kanto once again.

Pokémon Let's Go have made big changes - some proving more popular than others in the lead up to its release - but there's still a lingering sense that, with just the first generation of Pokémon available, in the first region, we've seen it all before."

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Bleucrunch29d ago

Sorry Nintendo, come back to me when you make the Pokemon open world we ALL want. This Lets go gimmick and "GO" over there....elsewhere and take several seats.....

TekoIie28d ago

They should Pokemon "GO" to the polls...

iofhua29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I'm a huge fan of gen 1 and I pre-ordered the Pikachu edition Switch just for this. I'm looking forward to playing it.