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New game from the developer of Pony Island!

The Indie Game Website writes: "One of my all-time favourite indies is Pony Island, a game which took my expectations, laughed at them, threw them into a meat grinder and constructed an entirely bizarre Picasso-esque experience out of the results. Beginning as a basic, saccharine pony-jumping arcade game, the surreal 2-3 hour trip soon delved into the insane virtual mind of an artificial intelligence.

Next up from the one-man-band behind Pony Island, Daniel Mullins, is The Hex. An altogether longer and more ambitious project than his first flagship title, The Hex has a story spanning across multiple characters and even genres. As a result, it doesn’t have the pure consistency of the short but sweet Pony Island. But nonetheless, it’s a wild ride benefitting from Mullins’ wicked sense of humour, satire of the game industry and ability to play with your expectations."

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FTLmaster93d ago

Man, I loved Pony Island. Must check this one out sometime.