A mad wizard made Doom look like the Doom box art

Using a neural network, someone made Doom the game look like Doom box art. It's beautiful.

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UnHoly_One91d ago

My god that is hideous.

Who thinks that looks good?

Pastemaniak91d ago

I'm guessing that the same type of person that calls it "Van Gogh Style"

NecrumOddBoy91d ago

Looks like the scream painting from Edgar Munche. I like it!

paintedgamer198491d ago

Lol it just looks like someone tried to roofy me and then make me play Doom. It looks pretty ugly... like Pugs 🐶

BongSmack91d ago

Pugs are adorable. This isn't.

BlackDoomAx91d ago

Nobody. 7 billions people must have the exact same taste as you, because it's the best.

gangsta_red91d ago

"Still though, you can’t deny that it looks terrific."

Yea, I think I can deny that

MWH91d ago

wasted effort, if any.

moomoo31991d ago

The color palate is cool its just so overly distorted

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The story is too old to be commented.