Retro Reflections: Halo: Reach - An Underrated Halo Game?

Looking back on Halo: Reach reveals a game that might have been the perfect goodbye from Bungie to the franchise that made their name.

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95d ago
spicelicka95d ago

Reach felt like a living breathing planet, really loved the way they introduced it.

Gaming4Life198195d ago

I thought it was ok and I'm a diehard halo fan. I did like things about it and I'm not saying it's bad but it's at the bottom with odst for me.

mark_parch95d ago

putting the bungie halo games in order is always hard as they're all great but imo reach and halo 3 are the best.

Gaming4Life198194d ago

Halo 1 and halo 3 are the best from bungie for me.

Movefasta199394d ago

same here I loved reach and 3 the most.

Spikeantestor95d ago

Is it really underrated though? I thought it was considered the culmination of everything Bungie did up to that point?

Movefasta199394d ago

it has the highest active player count of any halo game made by bungie on xbox live if i'm not mistaken, that speaks for itself.

Spurg95d ago

I'm sorry but no it wasn't. It's was a really stellar Halo game but the story could have been more epic considering Reach was the last and military stronghold humanity had during that time. The story told was of a few select Spartans and only took place after and around a couple of major events that happened during the invasion on Reach. We didn't get to see the massive army of spartans and convenant at the might of their power.
Halo 3 was the only game that showed the convenant's true power and desperation with spectacular set pieces and jaw dropping scarab battles.
Halo Reach was supposed to be that but times 10. Instead we saw the aftermath of the battles instead of being part of them. There were stand out moments such as the night night of solace and new Alexandria mission but Halo Reach could have been much more and an epic send off by Bungie.