Big Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 update coming this week

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 developer Treyarch continues to work on addressing player reported problems, and the studio promised to release a big update later this week.

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MatriXcian97d ago

First COD game ive bought in about 5 years, if anyone is on the fence about this one its well worth the purchase. Normal multiplayer even though it takes some getting used to is fresh and fun and Blackout is the best Battle Royale to date while Zombies is a fun distraction.

Eidolon96d ago

Bought it for Blackout. The MP changes were also a nice surprise.

chrisoadamson96d ago

Gets boring very quickly. Map is way too small. Needs updates quick

franwex97d ago

I’m not sure if they can do this or not. But if you play with a bad team in blackout, the enemy can spawn kill you. If the enemy is camping at the spawn points, can we perhaps move them elsewhere? Unless that’s part of the game mode now since the we can run out of lives.

Jinger96d ago

I'm all sorts of confused by this.

1. There are no "spawn points" considering everyone drops from helicopters and you can choose when to drop.

2. There aren't any lives to run out of besides the one you have.

Are you sure you're talking about black out?

sKiiTs896d ago

i think you mean control, and I agree if thats what you mean

Eidolon96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

Spawns do kinda suck right now for some of the game modes.

franwex96d ago

Dammit. I meant control. I’m all messed up. Lol

porkChop96d ago

Yeah the spawn camping in Control is pretty bad at times. I like the idea of the mode, but it needs some work.

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siphil96d ago

Performance had been pretty hit and miss so far for me on Xbox one x. Split screen on blackout particularly hasn't been great with lots of stutter and game crashes too. Fingers crossed the update improves things.

ejf347195d ago

Spawns have always been broken. 3 developers & they still cant get anything rite