Firewall Zero Hour PSVR Update 1.04 is Live on PS4

Pure PlayStation: There’s a brand new update for the PSVR’s exceptional team-based shooter, Firewall Zero Hour.

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Apocalypse Shadow92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

This is an amazing game from what I hear and see from the community and videos. How real FPS should be: in VR.

But I still can't bring myself to buy it because it has no real single player in it, has only one mode and the update is only superficial skins and items.

If it were $29.99, maybe. But that online only just still sticks me and the lack of modes.

jukins91d ago

Have ps+ because it's been $31.99 for a good bit

Apocalypse Shadow91d ago

Yeah. I saw it from the sale. But I told myself to not buy online only games. If they added an offline breach and clear mode where the enemies are in random areas that needed to be extinguished, I would probably pick it up.

Or when I used to play the original rainbow six and you planned before going in and stopping terrorists and save hostages. I would buy it then too.

The way it is now, just can't. Reminds me of xbox 2013. I'm still against online only. No matter who makes it.

jukins91d ago

To each his own i guess just seems like your asking for a "full" game for $30-$40. Icunderstand being against online only but it's a vr multiplayer fps shooter that requires communication and actual skill. Just dont see how any vr fan would want to miss out unless they just dont like shooters

AshleeEmerson91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

If you're a gamer, have vr, have ps+ and like Fps's then there is NO logical reason for you to not play this.

There is a mode in which you don't have to play with people, you can be the attacker, which goes and finds the firewalls and take down the computer or you can be the defender that defends the computer. There's many stages and some stages are more challenging then others. Believe me, it's worth it even without going to the PVP section and VERY fun.

If God of War's single player mode was online only (for some weird reason) then I'd still buy it.

Don't let the words online-only detour you. It's a great game and the community is awesome and you can practice your aim offline and enjoy being in the game instead of playing a flat fps (which of course is still ok).

Garrett_the_GOD91d ago

My thoughts exactly...Firewall Zero Hour is a revelation...most fun ive had in a FPS since playing Golden Eye 64 for the first time back in the day

Garrett_the_GOD91d ago

I get what you are saying but if you have a PSVR,Firewall Zero Hour and an Aim controller should definitely be at the top of your list..this game is truly amazing,I've always been a bigger fan of singleplayer games than multiplayer but this is a whole other monster..the community has been far I havent ran into a single kid and everyone has been super cool and respectful.the PSVR has a built-in mic so everyone can communicate.playing as a team is the key to victory to this is very the immersion is gives me the same feeling I used to get when I played paintball and it just feels amazing when you take cover behind a wall and hold the Aim controller out to blindfire around a corner..IMHO FZH is the best game on PSVR