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Ed M writes: Red Dead Redemption 2 is a culmination of a generation's worth of work, and the ceiling right now is game of the generation.

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nucky6431d ago

not rushing is good, yes..........but 8 years? i really don't want all games to take that route.

MasterCornholio31d ago

Depends on how the game turns out. While I don’t believe that every game should take 8 years to make I don’t see an issue with a developer releasing a game changing masterpiece in that time frame.

Mr_Commander31d ago

8 years is fine,when you get 60h just for Story, counting nothing more. people also forgets that this is just SP, we gonna get and MP,
60h just for story, how many games there are which are so long? at least, game sounds like unrealistic dream for gamers. we will see next week how it will translate into real product.

milohighclub30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I'd rather all games took that long, wouldn't get sick if franchises.

MasterCornholio29d ago


It might change how open world games are done if it's that good.

Skull52129d ago

This is why Rockstar and Blizzard are unparalleled in game development. Super successful games allow you to take your time and make the next super successful game.

bouzebbal28d ago

don't forget the 100hour weeks...

InMyOpinion28d ago

I'd rather have 8 years between really good games than uninspired yearly iterations of games like Assassin's Creed or COD. AC: Origins was great, because they gave the team 2 years instead of 1 to produce it. A year later we get Odyssey which is basically glorified DLC with dreadfully designed microtransactions.

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josh-eh29d ago

I'd rather all my favorite game studios take 8 years to make their games and make them the best they can be (uncharted, horizon, last of us, god of war) rather than 3-4. I think 5 years is a good sweet spot for developers.. but overall... take your god damn time and give us something really special :)

RedDevils28d ago

Yeah, like how square-enix took their time with ff, what a waste of time.

joab77729d ago

I don’t mind waiting 8 years for a game of this quality. But very few can do what Rockstar does. Very few are in the financial situation that they are.

I’d love it if Assasin’s Credd could take 3 or 4 yrs b/w games and just release DLC for the huge open worlds they craft. I wish Bungie had 5 years for Destiny 3. I wish many games had as long as it took. But everyone has shareholders to answer to as well.

jaymacx28d ago

I agree on the not rushing part. There is another reason Rockstar games come out so well... Money.. They are allotted larger budgets than most publishers are willing to pay. Problems happen when games are rushed and not given proper funding or the mismanagement of funds. TakeTwo is willing to give large budgets to Rockstar because they know their games will have long legs and sell at elite levels.

nucky6428d ago

those of you seemingly fine with an 8 year cycle understand how long that is? - uncharted 2 would have just come out in '15 and UC3 would not be due until 2023. RE2 would have just released and the classic RE4 won't be out until 2034! 8 years is a long time to wait is all i'm saying and i don't think you realize that.

DJStotty28d ago

When did GTA V release? just saying...

Matpan28d ago

Sure... coming from a person who could not be bothered to re write his thoughts in an alternate way on two different websites... ;P

TheOtherMoon28d ago

Double-edged sword - communities get upset when they feel like developers are pumping out the same story-based game year after year. Is there a finite number?

Goldenarmz28d ago

Did you even really notice? You only know now that it took 8 years, but during those 8 years you probably didnt know or care that they were working on a RdR2 Game.

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Osito31d ago

In before people talk about how some random Rockstar employees decided to work 100 hour weeks so they must be abusive to their entire company.

2pacalypsenow29d ago

Who cares, as long as the game is good.

That's all I care about.

Stalmaster28d ago

Wow have naive and selfish are you? People don't "decide" to work 100 hour weeks just for the heck of it. It takes institutionalised pressure from the top to make people feel guilty if they're not working insane hours. The top brass should discourage this, not allow this to breed.

JackBNimble28d ago

I'm curious out of the 8 years of development, how many 100 hour weeks were actually worked. Probably Vert few... I find it funny how this site has gone full sjw over this.

fiveby928d ago

@JackBNimble I agree with you. All these white knights talking about "institutionalized pressure" as if they know. And then others equating to slavery. Really? Slavery? That's quite ignorant to equate long hours to "slavery". I would be interested to hear how many and how often these 100 hour weeks occurred too. If this was a systemic problem, I suspect people would have left the company sooner and this would have been publicized before too. I work in dev and at times in the dev cycle it's crazy. Some long hours happen. It doesn't last forever, and I could always leave if I didn't like the environment. Perhaps all these white knights will boycott buying the game in solidarity with the overworked underpaid staff. But I doubt it.

DJStotty28d ago

I had to rebuild my company's server and worked 14 hour days solid for 2 weeks, it was nothing. Pay packet was double so i didnt mind

paintedgamer198429d ago

Yes, been waiting to play this since it leaked. My Spidey PS4 Pro is ready

alb189929d ago

Is not just about is a big factor.

2pacalypsenow29d ago

Pretty sure for Rockstar, that's not an issue.

alb189929d ago

Yes but we are talking about others developers doing the same as RockStar did

Jinger29d ago

Well when your last game is GTAV which has netted $6 billion... more than any game, movie or show has ever made... and I'm sure that number is still going up considering GTAV is still somehow always at the top of the sales charts.

DJK1NG_Gaming29d ago

I am sure countless other games that came before that shown that already

Madmoose28d ago

Yeah pretty much. Hell you have games like BOTW that needed only like 5 years time. And I'm sure that any game gets better with more time. Especially with the kind of budget that they are afforded. It would actually be a shame if their games weren't up to snuff given that they're allotted MUCH more time, money & all that other shit than most companies are. Hell, imagine if the aforementioned Masterpiece that is Breath Of The Wild or Super Mario Odyssey was given an 8 year dev time.😲

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