Bethesda Acknowledges That Taking Fallout Online Is "Scary"

Bethesda Softworks' Pete Hines details the history of Fallout 76, where the modding community will come into play, and just what's in store for fans in post-apocalyptic West Virginia.

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FloydianAndroid97d ago

I’m not trying to offend BGS fans because I’m a huge fan of most of their games, but this game is not gonna be good. It’s a reskin of fallout 4 without human npcs. The idea that you’re in a world that was destroyed by nukes but you can nuke people is such a dumb idea.

No one wanted a multiplayer fallout........

This whole game is just a product of laziness. They didn’t get starfield done in time to put it out this year so they threw this game together to have something to show at E3.

Mikedzines97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Bethesda Game Studios is probably my favorite developer -- I literally grown up with their games -- but I agree; this might be the worst "game" they have ever created. And it probably won't be terrible by any standards, but Bethesda is not a mediocre developer that put's out games that score high 70's low 80s.

Similar to Just Cause : Multiplayer, had Bethesda marketed this game in a different way (ie. Fallout 4: Multiplayer DLC) I think they would have done a lot less damage to their IP and their companies own brand.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen97d ago


I completely agree. This game has cash grab written all over it.

KyRo97d ago

All we ever hear about other games is that they run bad, frame rate is only 30fps, texture pop in, glitches, stutters but BGS has all this and get a free pass because the world's they build are incredible. That shouldn't be the case. The gameplay in fallout and ES games really ain't that Great. It's about time people start waking up to their issues and confront them on it. Bethesda publish some amazing g games but develop some of the most broken games released that ain't early access.

TheColbertinator97d ago

We'll just have to see what happens. Bethesda says that 76 is an "experiment" but who is going to be dealing with the errors?

Who will be paying top dollar for an experience that might not fully flesh out until 2 or 3 years from now?

Bethesda is having a hard time explaining this because they themselves are unsure of what they hope we enjoy. Are we getting an amazing game on day one that is stable and refreshing? Or a Rust clone with a Fallout skin that is riddled with MTs for trivial purposes?

Too many questions before launch.

Kingdroopy201897d ago

Ive put over 400 hours into Fallout 4 and I cannot wait to put even more into 76.
Most of you guys who are against this game come off as whiny little babies to be honest.
I understand that this is not Fallout 5, this is a spinoff online game thats dope tome because i want to play an online fallout game even if its lacking human npc's or complex quest its still a Fallout game just not a single player game.
the microtransactions will be cosmetics only so there will be no pay to win BS so thats good to know also we dont have to engage other players if we do not want to so for all you who are too scared to play with others chill its ok.
Anyone who says this game is being made out of laziness or its a cash grab are just talking out of their a$$es period.
THIS IS NOT FALLOUT 5. Why would you except a new fallout single player game so soon? Just be happy you will have a new Fallout game to play until 5 comes out.

HRoach61697d ago

Maybe I’m in the minority but this is a pass for me. I just have 0 interest in it. Everything I’ve seen and heard so far has put me off. But hey I hope it’s a decent game. I have a few buddies who are jumping in day 1. So I’ll wait and see what it actually is. But so far it’s a no from me dog.

AK9197d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Apparently trying to make a functional game without the help of fan made mods is "scary" as well.