Why The Legend of Zelda SP is so important for Nintendo Switch owners

Nintendo Switch Online is here, which means subscribers have access to an array of NES games that can play on their new console. This is a fantastic move, but the October 2018 update brought with it something extra exceptional. Nintendo has offered people an official, hacked version of a game. The Legend of Zelda Special version that starts you off with all sorts of good things is now available in the list as its own distinct and special entity, and that is pretty great.

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CyberSentinel99d ago

Anyone know if this is the infamous "ZELDA" mode?
I remember that code from back in the day. Also is this "hack" version the first run through,
or the second? is it something completely different?

NecrumOddBoy99d ago

No. Naming Link "ZELDA" ups the difficulty with scrambling the world. This version makes things easier with rupees and better items from the start. It's really does nothing but take a lot of the fun of exploring Hyrule out. To each his own, but I say play it the way it was originally intended.

Neonridr99d ago

I mean it's cool they included it. But I would hardly call it important.

wonderfulmonkeyman99d ago

It's not so much the specific mod displayed here that is important, as it is the potential behind it.
Nintendo is actively modding their own games.
Not just DLC or free updates; actual mods, things that we would expect to see from fans.
The reason why this is important, is because it could signify a first step towards deeper, more interesting mods for these old games.
Mods that are straight from Nintendo, with no need to tamper with the systems ourselves.

Imagine an official third Quest mode for Zelda, or a mode for Metroid where they added brand new items that the original game didn't have, that could mix up the gameplay in a second run through, just as a couple of short examples.

rainslacker98d ago

So....NIntendo has finally discovered the world of DLC and MT?

Sure, you're not paying for it, but it's not exceptionally amazing.

It's neat they're doing with old games, but mods from the community is more exciting, and I don't see Nintendo doing that with any openness.

wonderfulmonkeyman98d ago

Read it again.
I said mods.
Without having to screw with our system.

EddieNX 99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

I finished super Mario Bros 3 last night and now I'm gonna do Zelda SP. So far so good for me with the NES games, I grew up in the 90s so I haven't played most of the NES' best games. Save states are helping me get through em .
I want the Earthbound NES game and Zelda 2

cpayne9399d ago

I played zelda 1 for the first time several years ago and really enjoyed it, but there's a couple of things you should know going in. The last dungeon (and maybe one other) can only be found by placing a bomb on a random part of the map. It's really absurd by modern standards, there's like almost no way to figure out where it is without a guide. When I played it I printed out a map of the overworld and had the last dungeon marked, having a map helps keep track of where you explore too, I would recommend that over the SP version.

HeyNavi99d ago

I only found that dungeon as a kid because my cousin told me about it. Apparently a friend had told him about it and he spent hours bombing everything on the map. Ah the good old days before the internet!

wonderfulmonkeyman99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

I'm fairly certain that the final dungeon, in any unmodified run of the first Quest, is always up at Spectacle Rock, on Death Mountain.

cpayne9399d ago

My b I didn't mean random like randomly generated, just that there wasn't anything specifically showing you where to bomb.

Shiken99d ago

You should play the original version instead. The SP version just gives you a bunch of the higher end things and really takes from the explanation aspect as a whole.

SP is fine for people who just cannot deal with the challenge of the game, but it is essentially just a super easy mode for newbies.

gangsta_red99d ago

So Zelda easy mode.

I really don't understand the need to make this game easier. As if gamers would be overwhelmed by this game compared to the vast open world type games we play today.

And with the internet at the touch of a fingertip there's nothing a user couldn't look up if they became stuck in this game.

rainslacker98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

That forest can be a bit confusing....but mostly because there is nothing telling you where to go. The original game just threw you into the world with the most basic of motivations of the story. It wasn't exactly deep. Gameplay and dungeon design was really good though, especially for it's time.

gangsta_red98d ago

"That forest can be a bit confusing.."

Endless rupees, the white sword and whatever else isn't going to get you through that forest. This why I don't understand the point in giving a user all this for Zelda?

And it still doesn't make much sense to do this when there are a million guides online explaining exactly how to beat the first Zelda game. In my opinion, them giving you all this stuff in the beginning takes away the enjoyment of the game.

rainslacker98d ago

To me, the grind was part of the game. The game isn't so expansive that there is really tons to do if you don't have to grind. It extended its game time by making you do a lot of that kind of stuff, and to me, its the game play, and how you advance in the game that made it what it is. Even for its time, that advancement was kind of unique, and it established some JRPG tropes into the action RPG genre.

So, it's not game breaking, but just kind of weakens what the original game was.

I suppose one doesn't have to play it like that, but if you take out a good part of the game like this, its not really like experiencing it in its original form.

paintedgamer198499d ago (Edited 99d ago )

This game will always bring back memories of being a kid, in my room, and my golden shiny edition cartridge. I remember it took years for me to find the blue ring and how entertaining it was to find new secret areas with the flame and bombs. But, if the preteen (10-12) version of myself could beat this game, id rather not the hold your hand edition in 2018. They should have named this, The Legend of Zelda CE (casual edition).

rainslacker98d ago

I recall there being a guide of sorts in Nintendo Power, which got me threw the game, because not everything is obvious. Still played the game endlessly, but it was a time where one was usually limited on how many games they had at a time. For all it's scarcity of story, it relied on the user filling in the blanks, and it worked pretty well back then for most games.

paintedgamer198498d ago

Nintendo Power... Now youre playing with power!

rainslacker98d ago

Good ol' days.:)

Despite it being a fan subsidized by Nintendo was great at providing news and was actually fair in its reviews. They didn't even pull punches on criticism, except maybe on talking up some hardware like the Power Glove. Also had great image quality, and really in depth coverage of all the big games.

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