Why Isn't Media Molecule's Dreams Out Yet?

GI: "Originally shown with the reveal of the PlayStation 4, we ask Media Molecule the biggest question about Dreams."

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SuperSonic91100d ago

Can't wait for Boromir's game!

Leeroyw98d ago

Maybe cause the game isn't finished?
I bet this journo would complain if it was released unfinished.

saviboy98d ago

Nobody wants an unfinished game but when a game goes through almost the whole lifcycle of a system to be developed, I don't think it's abnormal for people to wonder why.

UCForce98d ago

Dream is pretty big that’s why the game take very long. Besides, people already played the demo in previous events. The feedback is very positive.

neutralgamer199298d ago (Edited 98d ago )


Sony has allowed the game to be rebooted multiple times during development to provide more time and resources

Others would have cancelled this project a while back considering what makes sense business wise. That's why so many developers like Sony

If scale bound was a playstation game it would still be in active development and that right there is the biggest difference between sony and others

Journalists shouldn't be asking where is dreams when Sony only recently around E3 provided an update

UltraNova98d ago

Dreams take time to...come true. Be patient.

Garrett_the_GOD98d ago

Well,to be fair in dreams you can literally create any kinda game EXCEPT an MMO.they are trying to make something anyone can easily use as a beginner while also making it where it can get much more complex for more experienced players ..I mean,there is no denying how long it has been in development but it makes sense as this game/creatation tool is gonna be HUGE.Ive watched tons of videos and read even more articles on this game and I'm truly amazed with what ive been seeing...Im ready to try my hand in creating and see what others can come up with.I expect there will be some amazing things created by the community.

Dragonscale98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Happens a lot, crackdown 3 springs to mind lol.

TheCommentator98d ago

@ Dragonscale

Exactly... How many times have I heard about Crackdown 3 being delayed since launch being a bad thing, when they literally developed the Cloudgine tech (ultimately bought by Epic) for the first few years, and did practically nothing with the Campaign during that time? Yet Media Molecule takes just as long and it's going to be great because, according to Neutral Gamer, they rebooted it a few times and need more time to make it good? Okay...

darthv7298d ago

@nova... I like that. It fits.

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playnice98d ago

Well cross gen would be nice ... Exploiting the huge PS4 install base and enhanced features like graphics and maybe loading times on PS5? I understand the delays... But I would be disappointed if it only releases on PS5.

Garrett_the_GOD98d ago

It MIGHT end up being a PS4/PS5 game but I highly doubt it will be strictly PS5..this game has been in development on PS4 this entire wouldnt make sense to hold it back for a PS5 launch title when their current gen console already has so many players,players who have been waiting for this game...with that being said,making it a PS4/PS5 cross-platform title wouldn't be a bad idea at all..1)I expect a lot of people won't be ready to step away from Dreams considering there are only another 2 years left in this gen at most and this game still has no release date 2)PS5 at launch wont have a lot to play so why not release Dreams on PS5 as well so gamers can make games and have access to everything that had already been made on PS4?..then again,PS5 is rumored to be backwards compatable..if so,they wouldnt have to make a PS4 and PS5 version because all PS5 owners would already have access to Dream

THC CELL98d ago

This is a huge game and need to be released right not broken or will put people off

I want this game more than any and am happy to wait

kneon98d ago

And it's more than just a game, you could think of it as a game engine built for non-programmers and non-artists. Making it accessible to the average person is probably their biggest challenge.

THC CELL98d ago

I played it about 2 weeks ago when this game hits people will not want to miss it

If someone wants half life 3 you can make ya own ver in vr day one

Own version of halo

Dead space
Splinter cell
Little Big planet
Ff series
Even old classic games like mario
It's endless what can make

And if you can't make games
Enjoy playing em on TV or if vr made

People can also make
Music and 3d printed items

Garrett_the_GOD98d ago

Exactly,it couldn't have been easy making something as deep and complex as a game engine easily usable for gamers who have no knowledge and/or understanding of the videogame development process...I cant wait,I also love the fact that it can be used to create VR games as well

UCForce98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Take your time, MM. I think MM is way more innovative than Nintendo to be honest. Because they are know for creating something unique and charming. Not gimmicky. I remember I played Teraway on PS Vita. I loved it. I think MM deserves more attention.

King_Noctis98d ago

“Not gimmicky. I remember I played Teraway on PS Vita. I loved it. I think MM deserves more attention.”

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Tearaway on the PS Vita hugely rely on gimmick? Both the from and the back touchscreen, as well as microphone and camera?

And to say MM is more innovative than the whole Nintendo is just wrong on so many levels.

UCForce98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Those “gimmicks” on PS vita are very responsive. I didn’t have a problem with Killzone Mercenaries. Really ? People called MM “a Nintendo ripoff”. MM have their own unique charm.

UCForce98d ago

I can say that Dream can be everything. Microsoft and Nintendo don’t have any studios like MM. the game can be a Shooter, racing, platfom and other creation that allow player to have full control to create. Dream can be beauty, bizzare and dark. That why I love about MM. They have their own unique charm.

King_Noctis98d ago

“Those “gimmicks” on PS vita are very responsive.“

I thought you said MM don’t rely on gimmick, so why the backtrack now?

“I didn’t have a problem with Killzone Mercenaries.”

Last time I checked, Gorilla Game developed KZ. So what does this have anything to do with MM?

“Really ? People called MM “a Nintendo ripoff”. MM have their own unique charm.”

Who said? MM is a great company which can stand on its own without having people like you compare it to Nintendo just to downplay Nintendo.

UCForce98d ago

Not backtracking. I said it with my reason. It’s Guerrilla Game, not gorilla. I know Killzone Mercenaries isn’t make by MM. But Teraway and Killzone Mercenaries both were responsive on PS4 Vita. Really ? I remember people said MM is “Nintendo rip off” back in 2014. You are trying to twist my word, aren’t ya ? That’s not helping.

No Way98d ago

"It’s Guerrilla Game, not gorilla."

It's made, not "make." It's saying, not "said." It's words, not "word." It's allows, not "allow." It's that's - or that is - not "that."

Also, it's Guerrilla Games (you forgot the "s").. Don't correct someone else, when you can't spell properly.

UCForce97d ago

@No Way You know my English is not perfect, right ? But I know everyone saying. Just my life really.

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rainslacker98d ago

I think they get a lot of attention, and their games do sell reasonably well. Tearaway not so much, but all the LBP games did. Just a lot of people dismiss their work due to the art style, and not everyone likes anything that is new and is immediately skeptical.

Their marketing for Dreams has been pretty abstract, and overall, pretty cutesy. Not everyone who discusses games is really into this kind of thing. I also think the long periods of time between marketing spurts, probably due to the revamping of the development cycle, keeps people on an up and down cycle of hype. Usually when they start up again, the hype does start ramping up again, but I do think that it's just a game a lot of people appreciate, but aren't overly taxed to talk about in excess.

Weeblordbad98d ago

"I remember people said MM is “Nintendo rip off” back in 2014."

Who cares? Why are you getting so bent out of shape? Back in 04-07, the whole "PC gaming is dead" was a popular thing that got thrown around. Should I hold a grudge now? Is that a reasonable adult move? People are going to say all kinds of things, about a whole bunch of things. The key is understanding their feelings on things doesn't immediately negate your own, if you enjoy something that's cool! Some people won't though, your likes and dislikes don't immediately override their feelings either.

For instance, Nintendo is absolutely known for charming and unique games especially in the AAA space. I would say Media Molecule with their work on Tearaway and Little Big Planet (The GO! Team song is permanently linked to LBP1 now) deserves the same credit just on a smaller scale. See what I did there? I posted an opinion without taking a dump on people, it's fun and makes you look like way less of a narcissist who believes their feelings should override the feelings and opinions of others.

UCForce97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Well, it’s no different really. Nintendo fanboys, Xbox fanboys and PS fanboys are insulting each other all the time including myself. And I know you don’t care. But you should know that people opinion need to be executed pretty well, otherwise it will lead to some underwhelming discussions.

WickedLester98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this game (if you want to call it that) is going to bomb hard. It's going to appeal to a very narrow audience and there is absolutely no way MM will recoup the dev costs. I wouldnt be surprised if MM is the next studio Sony closes. I'm all for creativity but I feel that MM is too "artsy fartsy" for their own good.

Apocalypse Shadow98d ago

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I disagreed with your comment.

All the little big planets sold, teraway sold and now they're looking to go beyond with game creation.

Sony knows that each game release has to hit a standard and they're letting their developers have the time to make their games reach it. All the other games Sony has are unlike this one. And unlike each other. That variety is what gamers look for.

The fact that almost any game can be made, video or music with dreams will bring the creative out to take a stab at it like little big planet had.

I wouldn't be so negative just yet. They haven't made a bad game yet to receive your negativity on it without even playing it or seeing the final result.

WickedLester98d ago

The fact is MM hasnt had a commercially successful release since LBP2 which game out in 2011. Tearaway did not sell well on Vita or on PS4. And Sumo Digital made LBP3 (which also didnt sell well).

Sony does give their developers a LOT of rope to hang themselves with but make no mistake, Sony is looking for a return on their investment and if their studios cant deliver, Sony wont hesitate to kick the chair out from under them.

UCForce98d ago

If Sony closed MM, Sony would build another one. Besides, people who have played the demo in previous events and the impressions were very positive. I say it again, you are being overdramatize too much.

WickedLester98d ago

LOL I dont think that suggesting that a studio who hasnt been commercially viable in 7 years is at risk of closure is being overly dramatic. But hey, whatever.

No Way98d ago

"overdramatize" ... It's "over dramatic."

UCForce98d ago

I know Sony did closed Evolution Studios and others which is suck, but i’m not let my anger consume me. I rather accept and move on with it.

UCForce98d ago

That’s because you let your nerve get on you. I get it that it isn’t easy, but you really need to try little optimistic for once. Tell me, do I have concerns ? Maybe, but i’m not letting it get on me. You keep saying like that and it won’t help.

AshleeEmerson98d ago

It does seem a little too ambitious doesn't it? but if marketed right, it could be the biggest game on the system over the years. I think with the potential to allow communities to create their own games, especially with VR compatibility, you can only imagine what's going to be out there that developers just didn't think of. VR is where entertainment is going (alongside flat gaming of course).

I think it's going to be wonderful to have an endless amount of games for years to come and you can rest assured that when PS5 comes out that it will adapt. I believe MM and Sony are trying to create something the breathes life into something bigger then what we're thinking of right now. The tools will grow, become easier, bigger games, tutorials made out of games...

I do understand what you're saying but you know future there will be also be paid tool bundles that allow you to create things faster and more efficiently.

Yes, it is costly for them but their ROI will be immense. Let's just watch it unfold.

Akarogg 98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Tearaway and LBP3 have sold millions of copies, take some rope for yourself. This is the next big thing

obidanshinobi98d ago

Unfortunately I think you might be right, Project Spark was a similar experience and that never took off.
The game will probably sell well initially because Sony market their 1st party games very well, but after a few weeks only a small hardcore community will still be playing it IMO.
And no way will it make back the money that's been spent on it when it releases next year, if it releases next year.
This game could be the end of MM, how much loss will Sony accept before closing them down or cutting them loose?

rainslacker98d ago

Project Spark was nowhere near as ambitious as Dreams. Heck, it wasn't even as good a creation tool as LBP, which wasn't as ambitious itself. MS support for the project was hit or miss, and they pretty much stopped marketing it beyond the hobbyist community. Super Mario Maker and LBP are both successful, because they were good for what they were. Provided good tools for what they were. Marketed well to the proper audience for what they were.

Project Spark was a cross gen footnote for MS, and they didn't spend any time really talking about it. As I can remember, it only made its appearance at one E3. Dreams has shown up at 3 already.

It probably will sell initially, then people will assume that no one is playing it anymore, while those actually playing it, will see constant updates to user content, and from Sony. new features will be added over time and mostly not get any attention in the press or the general community. PS Home for instance was quite successful, but people assumed it wasn't because they didn't know anything about it.

If someone doesn't care now, they probably won't care when it releases, but too many people equate their lack of interest in something as it being a failure, and everyone else losing interest in something. Just look at PUBG. Game still has tons of players, but people act like it's going to be a dead IP soon.

Garrett_the_GOD98d ago

Its not really fair to expect this game to do Uncharted 4,Horizon Zero Dawn,God of War,Spider-Man,etc numbers but Sony understands every game arent gonna do numbers like that..and games dont have to do those type of numbers to be considered a success...look at Detroit Become Human,it didnt do anywhere near as well as any of the games mentioned above but we havent seen Sony "kick their chair out from under" Quantic Dream

WickedLester98d ago

Quantic Dream isn't a Sony owned 1st party studio. They are an independent 2nd party studio.

rainslacker98d ago

Media Molecule has members on Sony's ICE team, and is also responsible for building quite a few of it's development tools. It's unlikely that they will close down due to a flop.

Dreams may flop, it may not, but there is a positive vibe around it. I think if it flops, it's going to be due to the up and down nature of the current and past marketing of the game. Sony, as of yet, hasn't put the full weight of their marketing behind this game, which is something they usually do when it's closer to release.

Dreams is a strong candidate for Sony to create a user platform which can ingratiate itself with a huge hobbyist community. It happened with LBP, and probably will be even stronger with this game due to it being much more robust.

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