Warframe’s Chimera update goes live, introduces Arbitration missions

A new Warframe content update is live, and it brings with it a new mission type for high-level players, some new weapons, the new daily tribute rewards system, and a slew of other tweaks and changes. The highlight feature of the update, titled Chimera, is the new Arbitration mission type, which becomes available for players after they’ve completed the entire Solar Map. These missions task players with fighting their way through challenging level 60+ enemies to earn “new rewards and bigger payouts than normal alerts,” but the catch is that players have only one life, and if they die, that’s game over.

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RealOldGamer96d ago

Outstanding update. I have been playing Warframe ever since I beat Destiny's CoO. Have not looked back.

Alek8396d ago

As someone with 300+ hours on Steam, updates like these are what keep it fresh. Keep up the good work Digital Extremes.

RealOldGamer96d ago

YES! My only wish is that it was true cross platform with a single account across everything.

I have 219 hours on Steam and around 80 on PS4. I would kill to be able to use my Steam account on the PS4.

Tetsujin96d ago

I quit after the 1000 day reward. I might go back if they change Sorties as well.

VivaChe96d ago

I plan to get into this when it comes to the Switch, can't wait to try it. I've heard so many good things.

KwietStorm96d ago

Way more in this update than I was expecting. And this is just in preparation for Fortuna. DE doesn't get nearly as much credit as they deserve as a studio.