Boss battler 'Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption' joins Xbox Game Pass this week

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption is a boss-rush game which centers around defeating the "Seven Deadly Sins." The main mechanic in the game has to be its "downgrades." Before each battle, you must sacrifice an attribute and "level down" to fight.

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gangsta_red98d ago

Sounds very interesting, definitely going to give this a go. Good to see more games coming to GP, I'm personally waiting for Phoenix Point to come to Game Pass.

I was also under the impression that a lot of these games would have the GaaS model, I wonder what happened?

Kribwalker98d ago

i don’t know if i would have played this game if it didn’t come to gamepass , but i definitely will be trying it now. Gamepass is an unbelievable value and service. Kudos MS for providing it

lxeasy97d ago

Yeah I'll give this game a go. I've always said the biggest pro of GamePass is that it gives gamers the chance to play games they would have never played.

Kribwalker97d ago

Games getting great reviews so far too. Will be cool to try out a game u wouldn’t normally play without gamepass

97d ago