The Xbox Tanker is turning

It takes years for a console platform to win back hearts and minds, but Xbox is finally getting there; now it needs to find and promote its unique difference.

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Obscure_Observer95d ago

Thanks to Phil Spencer and Xbox Team, Xbox currently sits on a much better position and Don Mattrick´s disaster is a distant memory.

New games and studios acquisitons are comming and the future for Xbox looks bright!

eaze201395d ago

Although I am mainly a PC gamer with Playstation preference for the exclusive, I do own an Xbox One X as well, and I do feel hopeful myself of Xbox's future especially with these acquisitions. Mainly because we will be the ones to get fantastic games.

And I know microsoft really wants Ninja or someone to focus on what they want and if it's storytelling (which most want) they'll get to do that.
I know people are against exclusives but there is a certain amount of care that exclusives get which multi platform games don't usually, unless you are of course the big bold Rockstar Games.

I will always support both so can't wait to see what they have cooking. :)

JaguarEvolved94d ago

I don't know anyone that isn't a fanboy that owns other gaming systems that even remotely Is looking forward to the next Xbox. I was a big Xbox 360 fan and it was evident that Microsoft didn't value high quality exclusive games halfway through the 360 era and even more so in the Xbox one era. I bought the Xbox one thinking it would be an amazing system that would have amazing exclusive games but I was naive because the writing has been on the wall.

PlayStation has a lot of amazing exclusive titles with more on the way as well as the Nintendo switch while Xbox one doesn't. Microsoft said they don't value single player campaign exclusive games anymore so they'll be investing in online multiplayer experiences as a service. Why would anyone want to buy a next generation Xbox expecting a difference because Microsoft bought a few gaming Studios when they've owned a lot of gaming Studios for over two decades? Fanboys are delusional. I feel like I wasted a lot of money supporting the Xbox this generation as well as a lot of gamers that had high hopes for the system. Why would rational thinking gamers want to do that again another generation based on wishes when there are other gaming companies like Nintendo and PlayStation that are A lot better. Xbox is trying to win back delusional fanboys

Eonjay94d ago

Its really simple. Microsoft has to release games that I want to play and am willing to invest in their ecosystem to gain access. Its what Sony did. If Xbox does this, they will be fine. You can't jump to the absolute. You must evolve towards it. They have to build a model of consistency that makes me comfortable with investing. And most importantly, it can't be a facsimile. It needs to be something other than Microsoft's version of PlayStation.

SirJoJo94d ago

A raging fanboy calling others fanboys. I'll never understand how obvious hypocrisy mixed with blatant fabrication gets up votes. smh

Skull52194d ago

When you don’t have friends single player is all that matters. When you do multiplayer is all that matters.

darthv7294d ago

Its a funny thing about being a fan of gaming, you never really fall out of being a fan when a platform hits a rough patch. You weather the storm by playing the games you enjoy as well as playing on other platforms. The way you describe yourself @Jag, is more of a fanatic than a fan. You do pick sides and shun the ones you feel are not doing it for you and call others, who dont it see the same way, 'fanboys' which in and of itself is a very 'fanboy' thing to do.

So yes, YOU are delusional as you described.

rpvenom94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

I think what @JaguarEvolved is trying to say is that he was a fan of XBOX whom let him down. As a rational gamer, you can't defend something that doesn't provide you with the games and services you'd expect thus making him turn to other consoles. Being loyal to a console that doesn't give you what you want is pointless. I get what he's saying.. though myself I am a Sony fanboy.. I do hope Microsoft does make a change for the better.. but I felt like we've been here before making the same arguments to defend it. I personally want the competition.. it's what made Sony better as a game provider.. their arrogance on PS3 thinking they were better cost them and because of healthy competition, they improved.. so its a win for all gamers involved.

JaguarEvolved94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

A lot of these guys don't understand but consistently support rubbish under the guise of being a " real gamer". I have all consoles and almost all the major ones that's been released over the past 40 years or so. In this generation there isn't any doubt that PlayStation 4 is the best gaming system based on quality and quantity of games. I know a lot of fanboys will be crying and shouting about that PlayStation 4 being the best is subjective but given facts these people will still have their silly opinions.

I mostly game on pc that cost me over 4k quid to build and because of the plethora of games and being the best platform for multiplatform games it's just the best system for that. For consoles where Its just plug and play with a big screen tv and high quality exclusives not available on pc the ps4 is the best. Xbox has 0 exclusive games and it'll be so in the future because I can play all Xbox games on pc with better performance. I've had a Xbox one since launch and I feel like it's been a waste spending money on it initially because I could have saved all my money and play the Xbox games on pc. Some people bought the original Xbox one, then the Xbox one s and then the Xbox one x when they could just build a proper pc if performance is of importance. People saying Xbox is improving or whatever else is silly when there isn't any proof of anything getting better. When people say silly things like that I ask " where are the games"?

yeahokwhatever94d ago

"their arrogance on PS3 thinking they were better cost them" <- I'm so tired of this ridiculous claim.
1. PS3 did great. In fact, it beat the 360.
2. PS3 ALWAYS had AMAZING games coming out for it. If you missed them, its your fault.
3. PS3 had a 'slow' launch, because the 360 had been out for a year already when it finally launched. That made sales comparisons wonky to say the least. PS3 was also completely sold out for a while. There was no slow launch, even at the original 499 and 599 prices. That's a blatant lie.
4. Sony had big plans for the PS3 and the Cell processor. It's not their fault that parallel computing didn't take off like it should have. It's still a better CPU than this current gen.

Truth be told, the XBOX 360 did good in America for the year PS3 wasn't on sale. After that, it was downhill for the 360. HD DVD sucked, RROD sucked(and greatly inflated sales figures), PlayStation's heavy hitters started coming out, Halo kept getting worse, etc. Microsoft needs to focus on making Xbox a part of Windows, and exit the console business entirely. They're just not good at it.

94d ago
JaguarEvolved94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

I know a lot of fanboys only own one or two consoles and only buy a couple casual games a year and think you have a proper opinion about gaming. Here's my setup.


andibandit93d ago


"PS3 did great. In fact, it beat the 360. "

If your only goal is to sell more than the competition, then yes it did great.
In theory 360 could have sold a total of 2 consoles, and PS3 sold 4, and that would be great......not.

Fact is you have to strive to beat the competition and yourself.

PS2 155 Million sold
PS3 84 Million sold

Maybe you see greatness in that evolution....I dont.

DarXyde93d ago


"When you don’t have friends single player is all that matters. When you do multiplayer is all that matters."

Or, you know, you can hang out with your friends in real life and talk about a great single player game the way people talk about a great book (assuming, of course, that you read; you do read, don't you?).

Probably one of the most ridiculous posts I've seen in a while. And that sets a bar from you.

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Skull52195d ago

There is certainly a difference when an actual gamer is running the show and not some corporate stooge who doesn’t know what gamers want.

fiveby994d ago

Wasn't Don Matrtrick the head of XB division during the 360 era? I'd say that was reasonably successful. Sure they made some bad decisions without a doubt. But a stooge? All businesses need fresh new blood from time to time. Did Phil save XB from certain doom? Well he at least seemingly stopped the bleeding. XB has lost many core customers over the years. That'll hurt going into the next gen. I know many an X360 and X1 owner who bought Playstations and Switch and many continue to do so.

neomahi94d ago

Don Mattrick convinced Square Enix and Hideous Kojima to come play on Xbox, Spencer has only gotten Ted Price under his regime, and he has all power and infinitely more power than Mattrick had, Mattrick was still heavily dictated by what he did, Phil Spencer having all power should have a lot more done by now, but he's busy playing golf.

Eonjay94d ago


I think you both a point. What is good for the company may not always be good for the consumer. From the company perspective Don sold 2x the Xbox's as Phil. This is very hard to reconcile objectively because if the measure of consumer satisfaction is their willingness to part with their cash to support your product, how do we objectively say that Phil did better than Don. Or are we just saying that Don made a mistake (regardless of his past success) and that Phil is doing a better job with the Xbox One than Don would have?

fiveby994d ago

@Eonjay I suspect but can't prove that Phil is doing a better job than Don Matrick would have done. Often times corporations change leadership as the existing leadership can often have a hard time walking away from decisions they previously made. MS did a 180 on some aspects of the XB1 platform not long after Phil taking the reigns. I suspect that may not have happened so quickly under Don. Hence why fresh blood which is not wedded to previous decisions can be liberating. I think MS read the tea leaves wrong back in the days when X1 was being developed. I am guessing that the rise of mobile, the wild success of the Wii, and market research they performed swayed those decisions. Clearly, that research was off the mark and MS did a 180 on many aspects. But still, I don't think Don Mattrick is a stooge any more than any other exec is who is trying to make money for the company one way or another. I seriously doubt Phil was selected to be head of Xbox because he is a gamer. I am sure plenty of other factors came into play before that one.

rainslacker94d ago

I think the concept some of you are going for is that it has yet to be proven that he's "saved" Xbox, but he's done really well to improve its reputation. I feel some of it is skin deep until they deliver more of what's important.

Eldyraen94d ago


Mattrick and Spencer both led MS’s entertainment divisions previously, which included the Xbox Division but MS still included it as a packaged deal and not it’s own thing. So MS had a different vision and scope for the Xbox back then imo.

Once Spencer was given that poisition in 2014 he spoke openly about thinking the xbox needed a change in direction. Sadly Lionhead and Scalebound were possible casualties in that shakeup , although we don’t know the specifics for either. Fable Legends beta was so-so at best unfortunately. Scalebound looked cool but we never saw anything outside of the big coop boss fight and the initial gameplay which left more questions than answers. It was still one of my most anticipated titles though—I love dragons and custom dragons sounded awesome.

Last year is the first year Spencer was elevated to Executive VP of GAMING (a new Position)—which is when MS, in part due to talks with Spencer and it’s current CEO, decided that they were going to go bigger than ever. In about a year from that change and they had essentially acquired or started 5 new studios with rumors of more on the way.

I hope Obsidian rumor is true as I love their games and Pillars is incredible, but i want a new higher budget game from them. Although like the other acquisitions first games it wouldn’t likely beat fruit for 3 years either (for the kind of scale I want from Obsidian again).

RizBiz94d ago

I want games, so clearly they still don't know what gamers want.

kreate94d ago

I am a owner of a xbox one x and the VCR xbox who is waiting for games to come out on the xbox. But the games I want to play are coming out on the PS4. I'm not sure what all these ppl are talking about. It's quite sad.

paintedgamer198494d ago

Are you serious? Have you even heard some of the things out of Phillip Spencers mouth? Theres so many reasons the xbox got curb stomped this gen, and most of them decisions were made while Spencer, Nelson, and Ballmer were steering the ship.

DarXyde94d ago

Actually, Xbox 360 was probably at its strongest in the earlier years (with Peter Moore). Say what you will about his practices at EA, but I feel that he was the reason Xbox 360 was a good console. I actually didn't like PS3 for a while because the software simply wasn't there in the beginning. It completely changed it up and knocked it out of the park, but X360 had a solid first few years. Once PS3 started getting games though, there was no looking back.

With regard to Xbox and next generation... I'll pass. I feel really burned with Xbox One and I actually feel punished for being an early adopter. I don't even have the One S which comes with HDR and a better CPU and UHD playback. Granted, I don't watch movies on my consoles, but I can see people who are uninformed being misled into triple dipping.
Many would say PS4Pro should have really included the bells and whistles as a premium version, and I can respect that. What I do not respect is the One S having an upclock with UHD, followed by the premium version in the X. I wouldn't mind if One S was the same hardware in a smaller chassis, but the upgrades to the smaller version is kind of frustrating, followed by a complete power overhaul. And backwards compatibility is great and all, but I'm not buying a new console for old games if I already have the hardware. I've not touched the Xbox since Cuphead (and before that, Sunset Overdrive and Ori). So for the sake of saving money, I'm passing on Xbox. I imagine Microsoft's next console will be more powerful, but if I can get multiplatform games and essentially guaranteed great exclusives with Playstation, there's not enough reason for me to get an Xbox, personally.

Everyone has different tastes, but Sony has done very well by me this generation. Not sure if/when I get into the next generation, but PS5 would be my prime candidate. My bases have been covered very well so far with PS4 and Switch. If you're excited for Xbox, more power to you.

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DarkVoyager95d ago (Edited 95d ago )


“Thanks to Phil Spencer and Xbox Team, Xbox currently sits on a much better position and Don Mattrick´s disaster is a distant memory.”

Except Phil Spencer was part of the team that had everything to do with launching Xbox One with the horrible practices in 2013.

Phil had no choice but to do a 180 when he become head of Xbox.

gangsta_red95d ago

Positive he didn't have "everything" to do with it as we're seeing what Xbox is now becoming under his sole leadership.

He did have a choice, and he chose wisely. Phil could have kept going with what was planned long after Mattrick and Balmer left.

Obscure_Observer95d ago


"Except Phil Spencer was part of the team that had everything to do with launching Xbox One with the horrible practices in 2013."

Yeah, and i´m sure Shu Yoshida was against the $600 PS3 but saw his hands tied since he didn´t called the shots at the time, just like Phil when Don Mattrick was president at Microsoft.

AngelicIceDiamond95d ago

"Except Phil Spencer was part of the team that had everything to do with launching Xbox One with the horrible practices in 2013."

And here we go with the same lame excuse told time and time again. If you're gonna come up with excuses, at least be new and relevant about it.

No duh he had no choice just he wasn't running Xbox then. Mattrick and Ballmer were running the show. In fact they were running the show previous to the reveal of Xbox. That's why X1 was the console that it was.

timotim94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Being apart of the team, and running the whole team are two entirely different things. Phil had a boss at that time, and his boss had a boss, and neither of his previous bosses are with the company anymore. That's a huge difference. Phil and current CEO Satya are both behind gaming 100%, that's a major difference. And since taking over, the Xbox/gaming division has been elevated amongst the top of the company in importance, that's an astronomical difference.

rainslacker94d ago

Phil was head of first party studios. He may not have had as much input into those decisions as one may assume. It really wasn't his job to work on that stuff, although I'm sure he sat in on quite a few of the meetings about it. He obviously would have been required to do what ms wanted. And publicly, he'd be expected to support whatever they came up with.

TheCommentator94d ago

@ rain

Phil was head of 1st party studios at a time when his bosses didn't want to open up the checkbook to deliver the games. Things have changed much within the company since then.

UltraNova93d ago (Edited 93d ago )


Last resort.... What do I mean? You have completely forsaken Xbox's (console) existence and MS's obligation to support those customers who bought one and of course keep their promises to them, one of them being Xbox console VR(via Phil's own mouth) in the sake of blindingly defending your favorite company's risk-avert straight up lying policies.

Yeah you are lost.

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gangsta_red95d ago

It's pretty safe to see that there were too many cooks in the kitchen at the beginning of the X1.

Too many leaders steering the Xbox in many different directions and it killed the launch of the Xbox One.

Mattrick went on to Zynga, collected some stock and a paycheck and retired from there too as most people in those positions have at that chop shop.

Why o why94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Lol. . I agree and YOU KNOW I was consistent in saying his hands may have been tied thus giving him an out. . . Now the story has become what I felt it was lol.

What I won't do is exonerate him from all blame nor disregard his successes. My issue with him was he was talking a lot. . We're told we're NOW meant to believe him and disregard all of the promises because he's now doing what he was meant to be doing. So far it's just premise and I'm positive he'll convert that into fruition but ms have to be fully behind him and his team. Don't purchase studios then manage them poorly like numerous other internal and ex studios. Stop talking about 'impact' when some of the studios ms then went on to acquire excel in that area. If you can't say something good keep your mouth shut especially when you're on the team playing mega catch up.

@Apocalypse Shadow
Has listed a number of his negative actions below. . . I'm sure the list of positives are comparable but this guy isn't bulletproof.

Still a long way to prove the turnaround but I fully acknowledge the positive steps.

rainslacker94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

I think mattrick probably had more influence over the direction of Xbox than Phil did for a while after he took over. Mattrick was hired under a different regime with the expectation to maximize revenues, and find new ways to do things to drive the user base and ecosystem.

When Phil took over, it think he was on a shorter least, but his task was to repair the reputation of Xbox. Over time it seems that him and Sataya seem to come to a good working relationship to get things done, which does appear to have streamlined some things at Xbox. Now obviously Phil will have more influence with the new position, but even during the mattrick days, I think a lot of things were ms corporate directives. I'm sure Phil has to deal with that to, as Xbox isn't autonomous to the company, but I think the difference now is they're also looking at things that are appealing to.customers to build revenue, and not just at things they think the customer will ultimately accept.

It doesn't mean a whole lot for this gen, but it's a long game, and if they do well going forward, they'll continue to build the brand. I don't have any criticism for long term plans because I don't know how they'll play out, and ms is more in pr mode than being transparent about it. But the short term, I feel that Xbox, regardless of who's in charge, has failed the consumer this gen. Some good things have happened for sure, but everything seems more geared for next gen.

The only real unknown I'd be concerned with for their current direction is just how much they'll gaas, compared to more traditional gaming.i care about one, and not much about the other. It's fine if ms wants to chase a different market than what I like, but I'm not alone, and people should expect for ms to hear that people don't like it, and eventually will have people lose interest in their product if someone is offering more of what they want. We are a vocal community. Ms would have to worry if people stoped being vocal against them, because it means no one cares, and much of their marketing strategy couldn't pick up steam as it would get so much attention.

Apocalypse Shadow94d ago

Yeah. Because Don Mattrick was the one that canceled Fable. Or not tell gamers scalebound was canceled until after xbox one Christmas sales.

Don Mattrick was the one that released state of decay and sea of thieves as barely a sequel or half finished.

Don Mattrick was the one that allowed halo and gears to become franchise fatigued.

Don Mattrick was the one delaying crackdown 3 over and over when it's supposed to be the cloud poster child.

Don Mattrick was the one standing on stage misleading gamers with the term "exclusive."

Don Mattrick was the one saying that the cloud will give xbox one 3-4 times the power. Then instead, released xbox one x because they felt inferior to playstation.

Don Mattrick was the one talking about high fidelity VR then not release it or even the hololens after all that talk and no show.

No. Wait. That wasn't ol Donny boy. That was Phil Spencer.

Anyway, the article talks about the turning tanker. How? We have no idea what sales xbox one has. We do know that games sales are below playstation. So much so that they had to release games on play anywhere to try and make up for it on PC. And put them on game pass to gather more revenue.

We know that the new studio acquisitions were already making Xbox one games. And their effect won't be seen until next Gen. We know that BC is a nice feature. But will be negated if Sony announces PS5 plays all your PS4 games including improving PSVR visuals until PSVR2 comes out. And we still know that Microsoft's brand only extends to English speaking countries.

They need a huge AGT magic trick to pull off the impossible. It surely won't be this Gen though.

Chris1294d ago

You are such a Sony puppet you can't see the wood for the trees anymore.

UltraNova94d ago

I cant disagree with all that since they happened but the truth is that Phil is still a suit, he has to follow orders no matter how much he would prefer otherwise so all those things you listed might have been inevitable simply because MS is MS and no single person can do anything to change their ultimate course.

timotim94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

I mean Sony released GTS as barely a sequel AND half finished, but you don't seem to have a problem with that.

Their has only been ONE NEW Halo game this generation and ONE NEW Gears game that generation while their were 3 Gears games last gen...what are you talking about??? If you mean collections and the like, then what about Uncharted with its collection and spinoffs this gen??? Is that not franchise fatigue? What about the Last of Us being remastered like 3 times???

What about Sony delaying The Last Guardian for like 8 or so years??? What about the GTS being delayed??? What about Driveclub being delayed??? How can you attack them in one sentence for releasing half finished games only to turn around and attack them again for holding a game until its complete???

Microsoft has been and is currently working on VR. I can play VR games RIGHT NOW in Microsoft's eco system and get Xbox achievements on PC. Phil has always said PC is where VR should develop its maturity and he is doing exactly that. When VR is ready and fully mature, they will put it on their console as well.

Actually YES! Donny was the one saying 3-4 times the power with the cloud as he was the leader of Xbox when this generation started and that's when this talk of cloud power first started.

Anything else...

SkippyPaccino94d ago

Well said! Phil is that compulsive liar that every group of friends have (mines ironically called Phil as well) Theyll say anything to climb up the social ladder, because to those who don't know him well it all sounds too good to be true... But as his friend you smack him back down to earth, because that's what good friends do...

Don't let Phil pull a Phil, smack him back down to earth for the greater good of the brand.

timotim94d ago

Xbox VR games:

Many more. These are Xbox games, with Xbox achievements, played using an Xbox account. To say Microsoft isn't in VR is not true.

UCForce94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

@timotim But those are not enough for MS. Sony did pushed VR market first and they are doing pretty damn well. I can say that VR is way better than AR because it’s more accessible and adept faster. AR is big, complexity and it will take decade to become reality. Astro Bot Recuse Mission, Moss, Firewall Zero Hours and others VR games doing well. Slow and steady. I gave credit to Sony for not overhyped their production.

timotim94d ago


😆😆😆 Now we are changing the typical. He wasn't talking about Microsoft not having enough VR games, he was talking about having ANY at all haha. Now it counts only if they have more than Sony??? Why? Microsoft doesn't look at VR the same way as Sony. Just like Sony doesn't look at AR the same way as Microsoft. Point is he was wrong...VR is a thing right now for Microsoft...they have built a whole platform around it and these very games can come over to console once Microsoft feels it mature enough. VR isn't setting anything on fire to be trying to rush things.

sizeofyou94d ago

But they aren't Xbox games. So to have an Xbox achievement, you have to have a gaming PC too.

I like my Xbox and I think it's a great piece of kit. But PS5 will be my first option because of where Sony leave themselves at the end of this generation. All the Sony games above that were delayed or so called 'unfinished' were still just a few of many other exclusives that have released. Love FH4 but its not gonna win next gen without a slew of following titles...

timotim94d ago


First off, they are VR games for Microsoft's VR platform they have built for their ecosystem. And yes, they are Xbox games, made apparent by the large Xbox Live logo you see at the top of the page on any one of those links haha. They are Xbox games...just Xbox games for PC as Xbox covers any and all of Microsoft's gaming efforts regardless of platform. And once Microsoft deems VR ready, those UWP games will simply work on console too the same way FH4 and others works on PC and console.

sizeofyou94d ago

So clutching at straws...they are games available on Xbox that you can't get a 'VR achievement for without also having a gaming PC and PC VR. So much hard work to say that without two bits of Microsoft compatible hardware, you can't play VR. Yet.
I'm sure MS will build upon this experience but as a console (ok...if it makes you feel better...'in the MS platform'), there are still less options to game than PS.
And this from someone who loves Forza but unfortunately, doesn't like Halo and Gears. I do buy single player multiplats for my X now...."generally" the best version. But I only do that because I have both consoles. If I only had one, it would have to be the PS still.

AngelicIceDiamond94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

"Don Mattrick was the one that allowed halo and gears to become franchise fatigued" Wrong those franchises have long been franchised fatigued before Phil came in."

"Don Mattrick was the one talking about high fidelity VR then not release it or even the hololens after all that talk and no show." Oh a market that MS has no buissness being in for the time being. They have the tech but its really not a good time for the company to release it considering they have to deliver on the AAA games. Hardly if at all damaging in main stream media.

"Don Mattrick was the one that released state of decay and sea of thieves as barely a sequel or half finished." Aww you mean like how Halo 3 was plagued with connectivity issues? Or how Fable 2 and 3 were buggy laggy messes that froze? Or how bout CD2 that was barely a sequel to CD1 Oh thats right only Phil right?

"We know that BC is a nice feature. But will be negated if Sony announces PS5 plays all your PS4 games including improving PSVR visuals until PSVR2 comes out." Makes absolutely no sense how does that negate MS BC? Its compatibility? Whichever console fan you are you're gonna play those compatible games or both if you decide to get both.

Apocalypse Shadow94d ago (Edited 94d ago )


Stop lying. Those are not xbox one VR games. Those aren't even Microsoft games except for minecraft. *****High fidelity VR for Xbox one x****

Microsoft didn't even make the headsets. They made the template, but other companies risked making hmds for PC. How come Microsoft didn't make one for PC? Because they aren't invested. Where is it for Xbox? They let others take the risk, then will try and capitalize on it. That's their MO. They don't invest. Just like their first party games lacking this Gen except for a racing game.

Phil Spencer only saved the ship because they had no other choice but to follow Sony's lead and be gamer friendly. It wasnt because they wanted to. They wanted to control your way of gaming. Still do.

The few games that had issues on playstation are way overshadowed by all the other games that dominated xbox and will still dominate them all Gen.The reviews and sales and up coming games tell us that.

Stop lying to yourself. There are no xbox VR games. The tanker is still taking on water.

Angelic, it means, that PS4 gamers will be on lock for PS5. If all their games currently play on PS5,there would be no reason to cross over to buy the next xbox. And since the majority own a playstation, that community is much, MUCH larger than the smaller xbox community who would buy the next xbox for BC. Leading to the same position the companies are currently in.

timotim94d ago


What are you talking about? They are Xbox games, because use need an Xbox account to play them. You get Xbox Achievements in them because they are Xbox games and all Xbox game regardless of platform has Xbox Achievements. When gamers get an Achievement in Forza Horizon 4 on PC, they are still getting an Xbox Achievement...its not called something else just because its on PC haha. Xbox is the name of Microsoft's gaming brand. ANYWHERE they (Microsoft) has games, you will see Xbox...console, PC, mobile, VR, AR, Surface Hub doesn't matter because it all falls under Xbox. No such thing called a "VR Achievement", and no straws needed.

Lie about what? Let's look at your original quote once more:

"Don Mattrick was the one talking about high fidelity VR then not release it or even the hololens after all that talk and no show."

Where in that line do you mention a specific platform??? You are simply implying that Phil Spencer lied about releasing "high fidelity VR"...but that's exactly what he did haha. Microsoft already released "high fidelity VR" in 2017.

Phil Spencer came out pretty early on and expressed that he didn't think that VR was ready for primetime and that he felt PC was the best place for it to find its maturity. This is why you see these VR games on PC only at this time.
However, Microsoft's VR platform uses the same exact codebase as current games do that are made for console and PC in their ecosystem. It uses the UWP APIs. This allows them to run on both Windows 10 AND Xbox consoles, the same way a game like Forza Horizon 4 or Gears 4 does today. Once VR has shown maturity, Microsoft will simply add those games to their console. You are limited by what Sony does and can't see beyond that. Microsoft has more than just a console, unlike Sony. They have released VR to the world already where you said they did not...its not true. Just because its not on their console yet doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

You say they didn't make the headsets, that they didn't take any risk...that's BS. They created the software to run these games to begin with haha. They created the controllers and the drivers. They created the store they are sold in. They even created how OEMs would use the tech to create the headsets. And they don't need to create the headsets...especially when they are already creating HoloLens. Your mistake is thinking that Microsoft and Sony are equal...that they must approach things the same way...they don't. In the world of Windows, Microsoft has what is called PARTNERS...these partners WANT to make hardware that runs their software and its actually great for consumers. The more partners you have making the headsets, the more innovation you see in the space and the faster cost comes down.

"Stop lying to yourself. There are no xbox VR games. The tanker is still taking on water."

You just did it again! I just posted links to dozens of Xbox VR games. VR games that you cant play without an Xbox account, VR games that are played over Xbox Live, VR games where you unlock Xbox is YOU who is lying to himself, not me.

And ill prove it right now...PS Now is on PC, yes? So if I play Uncharted on PC right now through PS Now, does it stop being a PS game??? If I play Killzone on PC through PS Now and unlock Trophies, are they no longer called PS Trophies anymore? Think about that for a second and then get back to me.

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Apocalypse Shadow94d ago (Edited 94d ago )


That's **NOT** Don Mattrick on stage talking about high fidelity VR. Stop lying to yourself. That's Phil Spencer on stage trying to push VR as a selling point for Xbox one x. He misled gamers and lied. Some games aren't even full 4K. They compromised and upscaled some of them. There are no VR games for Xbox. He's a lier

Logging into an Xbox account on PC don't make those games xbox one VR games. You're being delusional.

Microsoft didn't make an Xbox one headset. They didn't even make games for the PC headset. If it wasn't for Steam compatibility, MR would have bombed just like Xbox one in house exclusives.

Claiming PC VR games are xbox VR games. How delusional can you get.

chiefJohn11794d ago (Edited 94d ago )

BC for this gen will be negated if ps5 have bc?😂 the things Console war warriors say. So Xbox Scarlett having lots of exclusives? will negate ps4s. See how ridiculous you sound?
You critize Phil for 2 games releasing too early then critize him for delaying one that isn't ready? 😂 Wtf you want him to do then?
GTS, TLG say wassup. It was Don hyping the cloud btw. X was released cause gamers requested it just like BC was requested.dont care about VR, halo and gears have only had 1 new game each this gen so save it.

🏇 Ride it to the wheel fall off lol

rainslacker94d ago

Sure, one day, those Windows games can port to Xbox. They'll probably be ported to UWP since they aren't made there first, but that's another matter. But why isn't that available now? What's the hold up? How long to wait for console VR, since apparently, MS was partnering with the hardware makers, and not making their own headset. MS felt it wasn't worth investing in, because the market wasn't there. Does that sound like MS providing VR for the Xbox?

How many of those games that MS has for "XBox" were actually written using MS Direct Reality API's?

It's an exceptional stretch to call PC games, which were built and released for PC, using any number of API's, MS provided or not, as MS having VR games for Xbox, just because they include achievements, which itself is its own API to implement, and can be done across any number of platforms that support similar Steam or PSN.

A quick look at the first four games on your list shows games that started on PC, were released on Steam, sometimes PS, and built using API's not provided by least for the three that I could find which API they used.

That isn't MS providing VR games, that's third party developers just releasing their games on an XBL platform, which exists on Windows and required no additional coding beyond the achievements. MS has Windows, which can run VR, but that isn't MS providing VR.

For all of MS bluster about VR to try and take away Sony's momentum, they have done the least in terms of making VR a thing of any of those actually delivering VR. Not just in the headsets, but in the software as well.

MS is trying to make a VR API in directX, but they're doing that so they can have devs using their products. They have shown no other interest in VR beyond that beyond what lies they can speak to try and market their platform, ecosystem, and to get devs to want to use their products. Just like with their new streaming service, some of you are talking it up as if its actually a reality now, and a major player in the market, when in the case of Direct Reality, its not even a complete API yet, and is lacking in many features already available from other providers. It has some unique and good features already available for sure, but it isn't a major player yet, and has a long ways to go. Most of the good things about the API are more in the connection of platforms on the PC itself, and they haven't extended that to the console at all.

Apocalypse Shadow93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Rain gets it. Microsoft has done nothing to promote VR. Only to get developers to use their tools and software to make games.

They didn't make any VR hardware for PC, they didn't make any games for the PC. Didn't port games like forza to help sell the MR hmds and didn't make any VR hardware for Xbox one like they said. Truthfully, I think they'd rather developers become used to their tools so that they can make AR content for hololens. And only VR if it benefits them.

Chief, do I have to spell it out for you? Is it that hard?

If PS4 and PSVR games play on PS5, that's potentially 84 million customers that can buy in and continue using their content while playing PS5 games.

If xbox two or three or whatever they call it is BC with Xbox one, that amount of gamers is a lot less consumers that will potentially upgrade to the new system compared to Sony's. Sony has more potential customers than Microsoft. Is that easier for you?

OG xbox games aren't going to sell Xbox 2. Xbox 360 aren't going to sell Xbox 2. And Microsoft has failed to make any new IPS to matter against all of Sony's new IPS that would be BC on PS5. And,if PSVR is BC, Sony will already have a cheap VR unit because by then, it will be $150-$200. And since Microsoft believes VR should be wireless, that means no VR units from PC that's compatible day one unless they would have lied again about cords in the living room. Maybe so. They're used to lying.

If the next systems have cross play, it still means the playstation base don't have to cross over and buy an Xbox because they can continue with their content and still play against others on other systems. Again, that kills the idea of gamers crossing over to Xbox from playstation. Xbox BC will not be a factor against PS5 BC with PS4.

timotim93d ago


All that and you still haven't answered the question. Im not surprised. Don't worry, Ill repost it.

"PS Now is on PC, yes? So if I play Uncharted on PC right now through PS Now, does it stop being a PS game??? If I play Killzone on PC through PS Now and unlock Trophies, are they no longer called PS Trophies anymore?"

Once you answer that question, you will have answered the question of how the VR games I've posted are considered to be Xbox VR games. Yes, XBOX VR no point did I ever say, nor imply that they were Xbox ONE VR games. If I have please point it out and I will concede any and all of my points. Ya see, for those of us who understand Microsoft and their ego system, we already know that VR already works within it right now. No, its not on the console, but again, your original comment was never about the console it was about "high fidelity VR" FROM MICROSOFT. And, that Phil Spencer lied about bringing it. I will repost your original line once more (which you keep avoiding).

"Don Mattrick was the one talking about high fidelity VR then not release it or even the hololens after all that talk and no show."

Notice how you bring up HoloLens here as well? You are implying that Phil lies and haven't brought these things out AT ALL! Not that they haven't brought it to console. No one expected HoloLens to be on Xbox One, so why did you mention it? You mentioned it because you were talking about releasing it in general! Your argument is that since Phil didn't bring it out, that means he is a liar. Once it was pointed out to you that Microsoft in fact released VR (and HoloLens V1 I might add), you then switched it to a "yeah, but its not on Xbox One though" argument. Very typical of you fanboys. I will say it again, it doesn't matter if its on console or not at this time. The same VR experience that Microsoft is maturing in their ecosystem right now, is the same VR experience the console will inherent once its ready. The point is that Microsoft has been and continues to develop VR, something you implied that they lied about pursuing. You are wrong. Ive already posted the video of Phil himself saying why its not on console yet...I will repost it.

The very first question in the vid ask him about VR and the initial Project Scorpio then turn around and post the very vid my video addresses while accusing him of being a lair LOL. Way to go buddy. Phil Spencer nor Microsoft sees VR (at this time) as anything important. Sales do not reflect that VR is anything important at this time. Sony themselves has sold what, 3 million units to a userbase of over 80 million??? More importantly, no one is calling for Xbox One to produce a VR experience in any significant amount. Microsoft is simply taking the approach that VR needs more time in the oven. Phil will be a liar only once VR NEVER comes to of right now, he is sticking to what he said he would do, which is allow it to mature first. Bottom line...youre wrong.

sizeofyou90d ago

PS Now is a PS virtual platform and you're playing PS games on a server in the PS world regardless of the way you access it. There is no virtual platforms for XB/PC and the games you get VR accolades on are the PC versions of X games. And they are different. In the same way that there is no RDR2 on PC at the moment...and you can't stick an X copy of the game in a PC and it will work either. Therefore MS game platform isn't universal and you need two sets of hardware to use it still. Data collected is shared but games aren't
There is no VR on an X.
I guess there will be next gen.

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DreadGara94d ago

"the future for Xbox looks bright!"

Are you freaking serious?
I'm curious about one thing, Which Xbox you are talking about?

AngelicIceDiamond94d ago

So it looks dim? Please elaborate then?

yomfweeee94d ago

Spencer has been terrible at making new games. He is been in charge of Microsoft Studios since 2009. No reason to expect that to change until they prove something.

InputTranslation94d ago

Bringing it back to the fore. Yes Phil

zodiac90994d ago

The amount of cheese in your comment hurts my eyes, brain, heart & soul.

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CarlDechance94d ago

"and the future for Xbox looks bright! "

You've been repeating that line for years now. So do you really mean it this time or is it just more bullshit? Oh is you. Just more bullshit. Yeah...stupid question.

IamTylerDurden194d ago (Edited 94d ago )

This entire generation MS has preached "just wait until next year" so to speak. It's the same thing every single year from Xbox execs and fanboys alike and it's embarrassing at this point. With all the bs that these guys have spewed this gen it would behoove them to take a more humble approach and to simply put up or shut up.

Just wait for the cloud
Just wait for dX12
Just wait for devs to tap into the XB1 secret sauce
Just wait for Scorpio
Just wait until games that were designed for DX12 come out
Just wait until next year's E3 (circa 2015/16)
Just wait until these new studios produce games

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Vetgamer94d ago

I just sold my one x 😭 money problems. Now I'm back using my orignal ps4. I can honestly say i hate the ps4, it sounds like a tank and the ui is just dated. After using xbox controller the ps4 controller just feels wrong.
I know I'll get a ton of hate but it's just my opinion.

Pickledpepper94d ago

I own all platforms but my console of choice is Xbox because of the controller and the Ui so your not alone